GrimmFest, UK Horror Fest, Announces First Two Films

GrimmFest 2013 will be held from 3rd – 6th October at the  Dancehouse Theatre, Manchester.  Four days of non stop movie madness hits Manchester UK.  Read on for the details.


“4 days of horrifically guilty pleasure no self respecting horror fan should miss.”HORRORTALK

“Year in and year out, the Grimmfest team put together one of the best lineups in horror! Grimmfest 2013 promises to be another four days of the best horror has to offer! DREADCENTRAL

‘A sublime selection of independent and undiscovered gems, all showcased in a suitably macabre setting. Grimmfest is the business!’ ZOMBIEHAMSTER

This October, darkness descends on the decadently Deco Dancehouse theatre, in the black and bloody heart of Manchester, as Grimmfest celebrate its frightful fifth birthday in grand and gruesome style.

We can promise a punishing and pitiless party for all, but for now our lips are sewn shut when it comes to revealing the finer details. We’re showmen here at Grimm Towers. We know better than to give away too much too soon. We’d rather keep you guessing, give your morbid imaginations time to work on your nerves a little. Get you softened up for the kill.

But we’re not total sadists. So we’re offering a scent, a flavour, of the sizzling, bloody steak, just to whet your appetites…

First up, since a picture paints a thousand words, we’re proud to present this year’s poster, created for us by up and coming graphic genius Samantha Beedie. We think she’s going places. Most of them very dark, very bad places. It’s a pleasure to welcome her to the creative team. Click here to see more.

Now, really, that should be enough for now, but we’re feeling generous. We don’t like to see you suffer too much. So we’re announcing a couple of movies, too…

First up, what better way to celebrate our fifth anniversary than with an off-colour homage to our illustrious namesakes, the Brothers Grimm, on the Bicentennial of the publication of their infamous volume of dark and distinctly unDisneyish fairytales…


The ghoulish Grimm tale of kids lost in the forest and gingerbread houses with sinister secrets gets updated to suburban America, where a cannibal pot dealer lures sibling stoners to their deaths with some super strong skunk weed. Featuring an unsettlingly witchy lead turn from TWIN PEAKS’ Lara Flynn Boyle, TWILIGHT hunk Michael Welch as Hansel, and a supporting turn from the Witchblade herself, Yancy Butler, this mischievous and mean-spirited black comedy of horrors serves as a rollicking reminder that fairy tales aren’t just for kids.

Then we’ve a forest-based fairy tale of a very different kind, with the English Premiere of Chad Crawford Kinkle’s astonishing…

JUGFACE (English Premiere)

Exec Produced by Lucky McKee, and featuring Lauren Ashley Carter and Sean Bridgers from McKee’s modern classic THE WOMAN, genre legend Larry Fessenden, and with a spit-vicious turn from Sean Young as a monstrous matriarch, this is an altogether moodier affair than McKee’s celebrated collaboration with Jack Ketchum. An unsettling tale of backwoods religion gone bad, blood sacrifice, incest, and frightening folk art, this sinister slice of Southern Gothic recalls such eerie, unsettling classics as WISEBLOOD and THE PASSION OF DARKLY NOON, and is guaranteed to haunt your dreams.

Hopefully that’s got you all drooling in anticipation. We’ll have more very soon. So sleep with one bloodshot eye open. Till then, here’s the JUGFACE trailer to enjoy.

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