Truly Disturbing Headlines: CANNIBAL Who Hacked Homeless Person To Death And Ate His Brain Found NOT GUILTY

A 35-year-old Florida man who was accused of killing and then eating parts of a homeless man in Connecticut was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.

Tyree Lincoln Smith of Bridgeport will still likely spend the rest of his life locked up, but in a mental facility and not a prison.

A three-judge panel found that while the prosecution proved Smith had indeed killed homeless man Angel Gonzales, the defense also proved that Smith hadn’t committed murder per se because he was mentally ill. cannibal court
The decision was met with joy from family members of the victim.

‘Justice has been served!’ Talitha Frazier, sister-n-law of Gonzales yelled. ‘I don’t care where he serves the rest of his life as long as it’s behind locked doors.’

Earlier, Talitha had gotten into an argument in the courtroom with one of Smith’s family members, distraught at the decision.


‘Tyree, Tyree! I’m your blood, I’m your blood,’ the man who would only identify him as a relative of Smith’s said.

‘I ain’t saying he didn’t do it, I know he did – but I’m his blood,’ the man said.
Smith will be taken to Whiting Forensic Institute in Middletown, Connecticut until his next court date on September 9. Psychiatrists will then testify as to whether it’s safe to send him back into the community – which is unlikely.

‘We have to look at the big picture,’ said Smith’s lawyer Joseph Bruckmann. ‘We can’t overlook that he ate part of the man’s brain and his eyeballs in a cemetery.

‘The defendant was unable, as a result of a mental disease, a psychosis attended by command hallucinations, to control his conduct within the requirements of the law,’ one of the judge’s said.

‘There have been two tragedies in this case,’ said Bruckmann. ‘The first was the senseless death of Mr Gonzalez, and the second is that Tyree Smith has been a tortured soul for many years. He’s been tortured by voices for decades and now that he is properly medicated he is horrified he caused Mr Gonzalez’s death.’

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