The Vampire Apocalypse is here… See TomCat’s best reviewed film THE CARETAKER‏

Vampires are all the rage.  Read on to learn more about this amazing film.

As a wave of vampirism sweeps the world, a small but discordant group hole up in a country mansion in Victoria, Australia.  A vampire, who has also occupied the mansion, offers them a deal: if they protect him from humans during the day, he’ll protect them from other vampires at night. So begins an uneasy alliance which soon threatens to fall apart.

It seems that vampires have overtaken the state in where I was born in this intelligent, intense Aussie vampire film.  I also assure readers, no vampires sparkled during this movie.  But don’t just take my word for it, have a look at these amazing reviews it’s gotten.


“The only thing that sparkles in new Aussie vampire film THE CARETAKER is its general brilliance.” 
– Fangoria 

“A Blood Sucking Treat… Vampire Films Don’t Get Any Better Than This”

“Imagine NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD crossed with NO EXIT, gorgeously shot, and shot through with humor so cutting it hurts. That’s THE CARETAKER, the latest proof that vampires are immortal in art…”
– Jorge Saralegui, executive producer of Alien Resurrection, Independence Day 

“Brutal, Boody & Downright Scary”

The Caretaker is intelligent, intense & ready for you to feel its disease.”
– Monster Pictures

“…best bet for moviegoers who don’t consider themselves horror fans. While it doesn’t lack for shocking scenes, the focus is on characterization in a story that lacks obvious heroes and villains. Beautifully photographed in widescreen with an intriguing (if sometimes overdone) orchestral score, it’s a mature work in a genre that doesn’t always aim this high.” 
– M. Faust – Artvoice

Now you can watch the full film anytime by viewing the online screener of “The Caretaker” on Cinando.


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