Event Review: Macabre Faire Film Festival

The summer edition of the Macabre Faire Film Festival happened at the beginning of the month. Check out my review below.

FF MAy 2013 Rotator Graphic SummerfestA few weeks ago, we were able to attend the last day of the Macabre Faire Film Festival in Rockville Centre, Long Island. Back in January, I was introduced to LC Macabre and Adam Ginsberg, who started the Macabre Faire Film Festival. Their goal was to be able to share their love of horror with other genre-loving fans. We also met some fantastic up and coming directors and aspiring filmmakers, and made new friends. This time around, the Macabre Faire family convened together for another round of FANTASTIC films and shorts. As wonderful as it was to see some old faces again, it was even more fun seeing some great horror shorts. We were able to catch a bunch of shorts before the award ceremony which was doubling as MFFF’s podcast, “POD OF THE DEAD.” We also had the opportunity to meet with Eileen Dietz, who is known for her role as Pazuzu in THE EXORCIST. Eileen, who is extremely sweet, also won an award.

We saw several shorts before the awards ceremony on Sunday.

HAPPY FACE KILLER (21m): HAPPY FACE KILLER portrayed a group of random strangers who were asked to come together, but little did they know they were the next victims of the Happy Face Killer, who went around town killing people while donning a large yellow happy face mask.

THE DEVIL WALKS AMONG YOU (8m): THE DEVIL WALKS AMONG YOU followed 8 minutes of hell diner employees go through as the Devil walks into their restaurant after closing.

ROACHFAR (23m): ROACHFAR is a Spanish-speaking short about an elderly gentleman’s rapid decent into madness.

Each of these shorts were all amazing. Unfortunatley, we could only attend the latter part of Sunday and could only see a sampling of horror shorts. However, based on the selections we saw at the January Film Festival, and this Festival, we can say that all the films (both shorts and features) are truly wonderful films and deserve recognition. In addition, LC and Adam have clearly shown that their screening process only yields fantastic films.


In addition, we attended the awards ceremony later in the night after seeing several shorts. Below I have results of the awards ceremony from the festival.


Best Cinematography: Haunted Snug Harbor
Best Director: Ryan Andrews with SICK- Survive the Night
Best Actor: HECTOR Kotsifakis
Best Actress: SKYE McCole Bartusiak
Best Feature: Adverse Effects

Best Sound: Doll Boy
Best Soundtrack: Dead Drunk
Best Editing: Killin’ Time
Best Screenplay: The Night Before Christmas
Best Cinematography: RoachFar
Best Actress: Eileen Dietz
Best Actor: Robert Nolan
Best Director: Torin Langen “Fondue”
Best Short: Dysmorphia “Andy Stewart”

Actor: Richard Sutton: SICK- Survive The Night

Feature: SICK: Survive the Night – Directed by Ryan M. Andrews
Short: Day 9 – Directed by Thomas Ryan

As usual, the Macabre Faire Film Festival has proved to be a promising film festival that will become one of the East Coast’s most sought-after horror film festivals. We also got a glimpse into how close-knit they are with the induction of filmmaker Alfredo S. Arcilesi into the Macabreites, which a group of friends, family, and supporters of LC and Adam and their goal to bring independent film to the community.

The next Macabre Faire Film Festival will be in January 2014, however, they are joining up with ParaFest in September to host a film festival (this time sans awards). ParaFest will be held September 6-8 2013 in Bethlehem, PA.

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