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Vanishing-Waves-poster-thumb-300xauto-33769Artsploitation Films, the rising American film company, continues to deliver edgy international movies to North American audiences with its latest release, VANISHING WAVES. Artsploitation’s release of VANISHING WAVES will arrive on DVD (2-Disc Set), VOD and Digital Download for the first time ever on July 23.  The impressive list of DVD bonus features include: the original trailer and soundtrack, a Cineuropa interview with director Kristina Bouzyte, a 12-page fully illustrated booklet on the genesis of the film, a making of VANISHING WAVES featurette and Bouzyte’s first feature film, The CollectressTwitch called VANISHING WAVES, “an exquisite Sci-fi head trip.” The Wall Street Journal summed it up in two words: “Trippy and Erotic” Slant praised the film as ““A scintillating sci-fi throwback” while Time Out New York hailed it as “’70s-inflected, sexually explicit sci-fi opus” and went on to say “a deserved midnight-movie cult following is all but assured” and The Village Voice called the film “A sleek sci-fi reverie.”

VANISHING WAVES swept all the major awards – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actress (Jurga Jutaite) – at 2012’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. It also won Best Film at the Rio Grind Film Festival in Vancouver where it was described by the festival director Rachel Fox as “the most acclaimed film – by a female filmmaker, or anyone period, of 2012.” VANISHING WAVES also played at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Palic European Film Festival, Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival and Sitges Film Festival.

VANISHING WAVES is a bold, visionary work of science fiction cinema that recalls the genre in its cerebral 1960s and ’70s golden age, just as it simultaneously forges new territory with its unique fusion of emotional melodrama and hallucinatory widescreen spectacle, VANISHING WAVES is one of the most accomplished and distinctive European films in recent memory. The second solo feature from Lithuanian director Kristina Buozyte, following her acclaimed 2008 debut The Collectress, the 2012 production VANISHING WAVES confirms Buozyte as a major young talent whose frequently breathtaking visual and technical gifts are thankfully also matched by her interest in complex characterizations, adventurous narratives, and challenging themes.

Her new film is a science fiction romance that is equally occupied by the erotic as well as the fantastic. Lukas (Marius Jampolskis) is assisting a scientific research team by functioning as a patient in a series of heavily monitored (and medicated) sensory deprivation experiments wherein he is attempting to make some form of contact with the subject, Aurora (Jurga Jutaite), a young woman who has been locked in a comatose state for some time. Doctors initially hope for just a vague reaffirmation of consciousness, but the experiment takes an unexpected twist when Lukas and Aurora actually develop a strong psychic link in their mutually altered forms of consciousness…and their link quickly evolves into a romantic, sexually charged relationship. As Lukas hides this data from his researchers, he and Aurora meet secretly and passionately in a series of surreal dreamscapes created by their collective minds, but their union is tragically doomed to collapse around them. Exploring the tantalizing possibilities of forming a true, all-encompassing bond with one’s lover, VANISHING WAVES is hypnotic, erotic, wholly engrossing, and wildly thought-provoking cinema that transcends any perceived limitations of the science fiction genre, becoming one of the year’s most provocative films in the process.
Artsploitation’s next release, Germany’s COMBAT GIRLS, arrives on DVD, VOD and Digital Download on Tuesday, July 9. This searing coming of age drama that follows two suburban girls from vastly different backgrounds who become ensnared in the Neo-Nazi youth movement features an award-winning performance from lead actress Alina Levshin.

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