Truly Disturbing Exclusive: BLOODY MARY Bi-continental Collaboration In The Works

From that headline, you’re probably scratching your head wondering just what the hell is going on.  Trust me, it’s exciting news.  Read on for the details.

BMFor those of you who are avid readers of Truly Disturbing, you’ll know of both Richard Trejo and myself, Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons.  But I bet you didn’t know that Richard and I are teaming up to bring one of my spooky tales found here to life for the screen.

Yes, you read that right.  My original version of BLOODY MARY is being turned into a mini movie as we speak.  Richard is currently working on the first draft of the script and once that’s approved by yours truly we move into the filming process.

Richard and I will be providing updates on the progress of this project as it continues to build momentum.  This film is a bi-continental event with Richard being stationed in California and myself residing in Australia.

While we’re still working on the script, there isn’t that much to report.  But watch this space for exclusive updates.  The story of BLOODY MARY will be featured in my upcoming anthology TALES OF TERROR in the volume labelled URBAN LEGENDS set for release early next year.

Now there’s only one thing left to do.  Turn out the lights and chant BLOODY MARY into the mirror.

You’ve heard the story before….But NEVER like this.

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