TV Recap – TRUE BLOOD “The Sun”

Hi again Trubies!  Let’s see what our favorite vamps, weres, shifters and fairies were up to this week…

The episode begins with Warlow leaving a portal and tumbling into Bon Temps on the same bridge where he murdered Sookie and Jason’s parents.  We don’t know who is playing him yet but we see a long black beard and a face hidden by a sinister black hat.  I am secretly hoping that it is Rob Zombie under there but I highly doubt that.  A girl can dream though, can’t she?  The mystery man that Jason thought was Warlow stops the speeding car before it hit’s the tree.  Jason comes out with his gun blazing and the man says he is not Warlow.  He tells Jason that he is his Fairy Grandfather.  The stunned look on Jason’s face is priceless.  He proves who he is by telling him about events from his past including the “juicy” porn collection under his bed.  Awkward!  Tara is writhing in pain on the bar at Fangtasia.  As Pam tries to comfort her Eric and Nora show up.  They examine her wound and Pam tells them she can’t heal and the guards used a new non-wooden bullet.  Eric tries to fish it out with his fingers but as soon as he touches it he burns himself.  He quickly breaks a bottle in half and scoops it out.  It is a silver bullet that emits UV light.  He says if humans want war they’ll give them one.  Before he leaves he tells Nora to scour the Vampire Bible yet again to find out what Bill is.

Jessica wakes to the sound of Bill screaming.  He tells her he can feel all vamps pain that are being tortured, including images.  One of which shows a vamp in silver chains being pulled by a truck.  Bill slips into a trancelike state and slumps in his chair.  He is in daylight and Lilith is there.  She tells him that events have been set in motion…care to elaborate Lil?  At Merlotte’s Arlene is pissed that Sookie is late for work.  As she bitches to Terry he sees Patrick’s wife walk through the door.  Arlene tells him to go tell her that he is dead but as he’s trying to get the words out she says she knows that he left her for another woman.  Arlene jumps in and says that that is what happened.  So much for the truth eh?  As Sookie walks to work she finds a man in the ditch that is bleeding.  She can hear his thoughts and he can hear hers.  It turns out this stranger is half fae as well.  Sookie being, well…Sookie takes the stranger back to her house.

Sookie has never heard the term 'stranger danger" apparently...

Sookie has never heard the term ‘stranger danger” apparently…

Back at Merlotte’s some hipsters walk through the door.  Arlene greets them and finds out they’re from Los Angeles, she excitedly says, “Ooh an international crowd!”.  Oh Arlene.  Sam calls to check on Emma and Lafayette says they are playing dress up and are hungry.  The leader of the hipsters walks up to the bar and says she knows what Sam is.  He takes her to his office and she introduces herself as Nicole, leader of the Vampire Unity Society.  She wants him to join her cause and come out as a shifter.  She asks him what he thinks will happen when the government is done with vamps.  Sam refuses and she reluctantly leaves but gives him a business card.  Bill asks Lilith if he is a god and she says, “No.  There is no god but god.”  Ok then.  Jess slaps Bill but he won’t come out of his trance.  She says she brought him some food.  A woman in a red dress comes in and says she is from Human Edibles “We’re Tasty” is their slogan.  She enters the office and tries to talk to Bill but when she looks in his eyes she freaks and tries to leave.  She asks for the fifty bucks just for coming over and then her body starts to contort in horrifying ways until she is kneeling before Bill with her mouth wide open.  Bill suddenly comes to and bares his fangs and the poor gal’s blood starts floating out of her mouth and into his.  He sucks her dry.

Why couldn't I have Lafayette for a sitter when I was younger?!

Why couldn’t I have Lafayette for a sitter when I was younger?!

Sookie fixes the stranger, named Ben, up and he is about to go on his merry way.  Sookie stops him and tells him about the Fairy Club in the field.  She starts to take him there.  Andy is already there screaming for Maurella to take the kids because he doesn’t know shit about raising fairy kids.  I love me some Andy.  Jason takes his Fairy Grandfather, named Niall, to Sookie’s house.  She’s not there but Jason shows Niall where Warlow appeared to Sookie in the bathroom.  He finds the portal and says he’s going to check it out.  He jumps through and Jason tries to follow, all he succeeds in doing is running headfirst into the wall.  Seconds later Niall reappears and says, “It’s worse than I thought”.  Eric is in the shadows at Governor Burrell’s mansion when he hears a man on his cell telling his wife that he finally got an appointment to talk to the Governor.  Eric seizes the opportunity and makes his way inside.  Burrell’s secretary goes to the lobby to get his next appointment and as the magazine lowers we are introduced to Eric Nerdman!  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.  He is wearing the man’s glasses and has combed his hair forward.  When he walks he hunches his back and when he speaks to Burrell he sounds like Jerry Lewis!  Excellent!  Eric does a bang up job of telling him about his cause, the whooping crane.  Eric begins to lose his cool when the governor brings up baby vamps that had murdered their parents and Eric said they were just trying to survive, like the whooping crane.  Hee hee.  When Burrell asks what he can do for him Eric speeds over to his desk and glamours him.  After listing his demands Burrell yells for his guards.  Apparently this ass clown has developed special contact lenses so the glamouring trick won’t work anymore.  He laughs and commands the guards to transport Eric to “the camp”.  I don’t like the sound of that.  Eric stops outside and asks if they are going to read him his rights, they say he has none.  He tells them that’s rude and flies into the night.  The bastards hadn’t planned on that.

"Nerdman.  Eric Nerdman.  Savior of the whooping crane."

“Nerdman. Eric Nerdman. Savior of the whooping crane.”

Sookie arrives home and Jason introduces her to Niall.  They sit down for a spaghetti dinner and let me tell you Niall has some strange eating habits.  He tells them that Warlow has been obsessed with their family for thousands of years and that they were the original fae.  Niall was king of his village when, at just three, Warlow slaughtered everyone, including his parents leaving him alone.  Niall has been tracking Warlow ever since.  He shows Sookie how she can channel her light into a super nova ball of energy that will kill any vampire.  Any?  He warns her that it will be a one time deal for her because she is only half fae.  Once she uses it she will be fae no longer.  Sookie looks extremely happy about this fact.

Sam goes home with food for Emma and Uncle Lala when Martha, Alcide and Danielle show up.  They think Emma belongs with the other werewolves but Sam insists that he made a promise to Luna.  Emma runs out and Lala follows.  She runs for Sam but Martha scoops her up and takes her to the truck.  Sam throws the first punch and Alcide drops him in the dirt.  Danielle knocks Lafayette out and we see that Nicole and her fellow activists are in the bushes recording this whole bloody mess.  Governor Burrell’s daughter is getting ready for bed.  She removes her special contact lenses and looks out the window.  Eric, no longer Nerdman, is floating there like something out of SALEM’S LOT.  He wastes no time glamouring her and she rushes to let him in.  Jess tries talking to Bill again and asks if he’s a god.  Then she gets on her knees and prays for him to protect her friends, including Bill.  Lilith tells Bill that he must save them all and he will know what to do when he sees it.  Jess hears the TV go on and runs back in.  The news shows the vamp that Bill saw in his vision earlier.  Jess whispers in awe that he can see the future and he agrees.  Then he snaps back into another vision.  This one consists of many vampires, including Eric, Pam and Tara.  Then the ceiling opens and they are all burned by the sun.

Whew!  Well I thought this episode was a bit better than the last one.  Eric Nerdman has my support in his whooping crane endeavors.  I just ask one thing, even though it’s not the main story…more Andy please!  What did you think of the episode?  Thanks for reading Trubies!

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