Bryan Fuller Talks HANNIBAL Season 2: What Will Be The Fate Of Will Graham

Last week’s finale of Hannibal was a doozy and even gave a homage to Ridley Scott’s film of the same name. What will happen to Graham and what else is in store for season 2? Find out more below from Bryan Fuller himself.

Recently, Bryan Fuller  spoke with TV Guide about Hannibal and what’s to come.  For those who have been following, check out the  quote about Will Graham’s future.

“He will be incarcerated, and we will be dealing with all of the threads of that. We need to see all of the things happen that would happen in that scenario. Will Graham needs to go on trial for the murders that he may or may not have committed. Jack has to be brought before a review board for his participation in what happened to Will, and Hannibal, as Will’s psychiatrist, is going to continue to try to help Will see the truth that Hannibal wants him to see. The ball is up in the air in so many ways for Jack and Hannibal and Will. The fun of Season 2 will be spiking those balls.”

For the complete conversation at TV Guide, click here.

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