That high pitched noise you just heard was me screaming with joy!  It’s official.  The web series FEAR CLINIC is heading to the big screen but they do need the horror community’s help.  Read on for the details.

FEAR CLINIC has finally given into the demands of the fans and is pushing for a feature film.  And with the world of crowd funding, they have turned to Indiegogo to launch a campaign of needing $300,000 in order to make this possible.  I’ve including the campaign video along with the link so you can donate and help see this film come to life.


We’re all afraid of something, right?  How many of you horror fans out there would die to see Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger) play a new scary horror franchise character?  Hell yeah!  And so would we.  Well, here it is…..

With over five million viewers, FEAR CLINIC is the most-watched horror web series in FEARnet history.  Now we’re  taking things to the next level by making FEAR CLINIC THE MOVIE!  With your support and backing, we can make the kick-ass horror movie we would be proud to show you– our fans.  The kind of scary movie it was destined to become.

Join our team in making horror movie history.

We don’t know about you, but ROBERT ENGLUND (Freddy Krueger/NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) scared the shit out of us as teenagers.  We were honored beyond words when he read the script and called us up one day to tell us that he wanted to star in the web series!  From that day, Robert’s been behind this project every step of the way.

ROBERT GREEN HALL, our director, as you can tell from the pitch video, has written/directed/produced three feature-length movies (LIGHTNING BUG, LAID TO REST, CHROMESKULL: LAID TO REST 2) and recently directed episodes of TEEN WOLF on MTV.  Additionally, his ALMOST HUMAN STUDIOS provides innovative and award-winning creative and visual effects for numerous movies and shows (TEEN WOLF, QURONTINE, BURROWERS, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, BUFFY, ANGEL, X-FILES (to name only a few).

Now, head on over to and donate.  Danielle Harris is back along with Robert Englund.  The ultimate Horror Icon along with the best of the Scream Queens have teamed up again.  Not something that any horror fan should miss.


Fear Clinic Pitch Video from Almost Human Inc. on Vimeo.

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