TV Recap – HANNIBAL “Savoureux”

I’m sad to say that this was the final episode until next year.  Next year?!  Too long.  Read on to see what was served up…

SPOILER ALERT!!!  Our vocabulary word of the week means delicious.

Will dreams that he is hunting the elusive stag.  He shoots, it runs and he follows.  He finds blood on a tree and when he looks up he sees a man made of shadows with antlers.  After he wakes up he discovers that his feet and lower legs are covered in mud.  He stumbles his way to the kitchen and swallows some pills.  They don’t stay down for long because he throws them up in the sink along with another morsel…a human ear.  Hannibal comes to see him and he tells him about Minnesota and that Abigail didn’t come back with him.  He says he saw her last at her dad’s cabin and while there hallucinated that he killed her.  Hannibal says they have to tell Jack.  Jack and a slew of FBI agents search the house and Will is taken back to the bureau.  Beverly is scraping blood from beneath his nails when she breaks the awkward silence between them.  She doesn’t want to believe that he killed Abigail and yes that was the ear he upchucked in his sink.  She asks him to interpret the evidence like he normally does and he states that based on everything he must have done it.

"Well this is the weirdest manicure I've ever given."

“Well this is the weirdest manicure I’ve ever given.”

Jack tells Alana what happened and she yells at him for pushing Will too hard.  She thinks that Hannibal must have known something was wrong and wants to find out what is causing his dementia.  She goes to her car and has a screaming cry fest inside then she goes to visit Will, who is sporting an orange jumpsuit.  He says it looked like she’d been crying and she says it was more like screaming.  Will says he could use a good scream himself but is afraid that once he starts he won’t be able to stop.  She lets him know that she is going to take care of his dogs for him and he looks relieved.  She wants to do some psychological tests on him and Will asks if she’s going to make him draw a clock too.  She looks a bit puzzled but asks him to draw one and it is still a crazy clock.

Hannibal goes to see his shrink Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier.  He is crying and wishing that Abigail is still alive and that he hasn’t given up on Will.  I’m sure you haven’t doctor, I’m sure you haven’t.  The team is examining some of Will’s fly fishing lures.  They are all handmade and contain bone and tissue from some of the copycat victims.  Alana still insists that there is something neurologically wrong with him.  Jack goes to Will and tells him that he is sick and is being sent to a medical ward.  He tells him about the lures and says he is afraid they’ll find out that Will knew what he was doing all along.  Will tells him he should be afraid of whoever is doing this to him and that it is someone very close to him.  Jack says he sounds paranoid and reads him his rights.  He is being transported by ambulance to a medical facility when he violently pulls on his thumb to dislocate and attacks the guard.  Jack, Alana and Hannibal learn that he disarmed the guard and the driver and the ambulance was found nearby.  Jack says that those aren’t the actions of an innocent man.  Alana shows them his clock drawing and Hannibal shows his from two weeks ago, that one is normal.  Jack asks if he could have faked the second drawing and surprisingly Alana says yes but she also brings up the encephalitis theory again and Hannibal looks slightly angry.

Hannibal sits down at his desk and looks up.  Will is upstairs in the library.  He asks him if he believes he killed Abigail and Will says that if he had just killed her he could have believed it but he doesn’t believed he killed the others.  He says someone is making sure that no one believes he is innocent.  Will comes down and sits across from Hannibal and they begin to walk through the copycat victims.  As they do this Will sees each of them in different areas of Hannibal’s office.  He also sees the horned man again.  Will asks Hannibal to take him to Minnesota to see where Abby died.  Jack and Alana go to Dr. Du Maurier’s house to see if she knows where Hannibal is.  She says if there’s anyone who could have saved Will it would have been him.

Will and Hannibal are at the Hobbs residence when Will remembers that when the two of them were with Abigail reenacting the crime Abigail suggested that Dr. Lecter played the part of the man who called her father to warn him that the FBI was on to him.  They enter the kitchen and there is a large blood stain on the floor and Will knows that Abigail’s death was caused by a slit throat.  Hannibal says her body still hasn’t been found and Will says that if he thought he was her father that they probably wouldn’t find the body at all because he would have used every piece, except the stray ear of course.  Will says he knows who he is but he isn’t sure he knows who Hannibal is anymore.  He pulls a gun on him and Hannibal asks if he is really a killer with a smirk on his face.  While they continue talking Jack silently enters the house.  Jack enters and tells Will to calm down.  Will aims the gun at Hannibal’s head and Jack shoots him.  He lands in the exact spot where Jacob Hobbs landed when Will shot him, he also says the same thing, “See?”.  Will looks away from Jack and sees the horned man in Hannibal’s place.

Jack you just shot the wrong man.

Jack you just shot the wrong man.

Jack goes to Will’s hospital room and finds Hannibal sitting by the bed.  He tells Jack that the right hemisphere of his brain is swollen and he is on antibiotics and is in an induced coma.  Later Hannibal goes back to Dr. Du Maurier’s office.  Apparently he called her earlier and said he needed to talk.  When she answers the door she sees that he is holding an elegant dinner on a platter covered with a glass dome.  At the table she comments on what a controversial dish veal is.  I don’t think that’s veal…I think it’s fillet of Abigail.  He watches her closely as she takes her first bite and is practically beaming when she moans about how good it is.  He tells her he is going to see Will tomorrow, to say his goodbyes.  She tells him to be careful because they are starting to see his pattern.  I got the feeling that she might know more than we think about Hannibal’s extracurricular activities.  He asks her what kind of pattern and she says about his relationship with violent patients.  Indeed.  Hannibal walks down the corridor to Will’s jail cell.  Without looking at him Will says, “Hello Dr. Lecter” and he replies “Hello Will”.  Those were the only words that were spoken.  The season ends with Will standing and then staring at Hannibal and when we see his face he begins to smile.

Don't worry Will.  One day you'll be on the right side of the bars.

Don’t worry Will. One day you’ll be on the right side of the bars.

Damn that was so tense with not very much relief and now we have to wait a whole year.  What did you think of the finale?  More importantly what do you think ears taste like?  Thanks for reading friendos!


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