TV Recap – TRUE BLOOD “Who Are You Really?”

Hello Trubies!  Welcome to season six!  Let’s see what our old friends and enemies are up to…


It’s been such a long wait so let’s dig in!  We’re back where we left off with Sookie and Eric watching as Billith rises from his own guts.  We see from Bill’s POV for a moment and when Sookie speaks we can see a white light emitting from her mouth.  They run out and into an elevator.  Bill pulls out the power supply.  Meanwhile Jason, Tara, Pam, Jessica and Nora are fighting their way out as well.  Sam is pulling Luna out of an exit and lays her on the ground.  She asks Sam to promise that he will take care of her daughter Emma.  He says yes and Luna dies.  It’s our first fatality of the season.  The team makes their way out of the Authority building and there is a big explosion.  Jessica wants to go back for Bill and Jason tries to run back in for Sookie.  Nora stops them both.  They begin to walk away and an SUV pulls up with Eric and Sookie inside.  They speed off and Sookie screams for Eric to stop.  He does and they all see Bill walking out of the building and through the fire like the damn Terminator and then he rises up and flies away.  Eric wastes no time getting away.  He and Sookie agree that if Bill wanted to kill them they would already be dead.

"Oh I look like the Terminator eh?  He couldn't fly!"

“Oh I look like the Terminator eh? He couldn’t fly!”

En route to the beach they hear the governor of Louisiana over the radio.  He is holding a press conference to discuss his plans.  He basically calls everyone to get as many guns and wooden bullets as they can afford.  He also says that all vamp run businesses will be shut down and perhaps most ludicrous of all, there will be a vampire curfew put in place.  I had a chuckle about that.  Pam tries to be as bad ass as usual and says she will kill the governor before he takes Fangtasia and Nora tells her to shut the fuck up.  Eric tells Pam that she needs to get over her problem with Nora or get out of his face.  Pam runs towards the water and Tara tries, mostly in vain, to comfort her.  Nora tells Eric that there is no mention of a Lillith resurrection in the vampire bible.  She wants to ask Jason what he knows about Warlow, who was one of the first vamps according to the vamp bible.  Jason refuses to answer but Nora glamours him.  He says that Warlow killed his parents.  Jason comes out of his trance and holds a gun to Nora’s chest.  Sookie steps in front of the gun saying Jason will have to shoot her first and Jason storms off saying he’s sick of being brain raped and that she’s just as dead to him as the rest of them.

Jessica is being summoned by Bill and Eric stops her.  She proceeds to vomit blood all over him.  She screams that her heart is being torn apart and Sookie says that she will take Jess to Bill with or without Eric’s help.  He tells her to be careful and as they drive off Eric and Nora fly into the night, leaving Pam and Tara to go back to Fangtasia to wait for him.  On the wolf front Alcide and his dad watch as his pack feast on the corpse of J.D. and his dad tells him that he must also partake of the flesh in order to rule over the pack.  He takes a bite of J.D.’s  arm and the pumped up pack goes for a wolf run.

Andy is sitting on the porch at Terry and Arlene’s place and we can hear babies crying from inside.  Arlene comes out to scold him for not looking after his four new half-fairy babies.  Andy admits to her that he is terrified of making mistakes as a new father but she coaxes him back inside where she and Terry give him diaper changing advise.  Sam takes a sleeping Emma back to Merlotte’s and is surprised by Lafayette and his shotgun.  Lafayette turns the news on to a recording of Luna as Steve Newlin and shifting back into herself.  Lala gets the quote of the episode when he says, “That’s the sickest shit I’ve seen on TV, and I watch Dance Moms.”  Me too Lala, me too.  Emma awakens and the men shut the TV off.  Lala takes her to the kitchen to fix her something to eat and Sam stops him to make him promise that he didn’t see them there tonight.

"Yeah Dance Moms is pretty damn horrific."

“Yeah Dance Moms is pretty damn horrific.”

Jason is walking down the road when he sees headlights and he sticks his thumb out.  The old car stops and it appears as if the passenger door opens by itself for him.  He gets in and thanks the driver for stopping for someone covered in blood.  The driver (the legend Rutger Hauer!) says he’s not afraid of a little blood.  Rutger never gives his name but asks Jason to tell him about his life because he has had a long drive and needs to stay awake to make it to Bon Temps.  This scene reminded me of one of my favorite movies, THE HITCHER, starring Mr. Hauer.  Sookie and Jessica arrive at Bill’s house and slowly make their way to the second floor bedroom.  They find a red powder on the rug but Jess still feel’s he’s alive so they make their way out, Sookie armed with a stake, to the porch.  Bill is waiting for them.  Nora and Eric swoop in and Bill tosses Nora aside and grabs Eric’s throat.  Sookie comes behind Bill and stakes him.  They all watch in horror as Bill pulls the stake out of his chest.  Nora asks him if he is Lillith and he replies that he is Bill Compton, but something more than that.  Sookie tells him to leave and never come back and a pissed off Jessica says that he will be staying and so will she.  She tells them to get out and Bill backs her up.  He also advises them that the next time they attack he won’t be so forgiving.

Welcome to the show Rutger!

Welcome to the show Rutger!

TruBlood representative Ms. Suzuki is taking a meeting with the governor in an abandoned bottling plant.  He has a proposition for her.  She can use his facilities free of charge and he will be a silent partner until her company can get their own operations back up and running.  When asked what was in it for him he states that he needs revenue for his re-election.  Ms. Suzuki makes the deal.  Back at the wolf run Alcide and new gal Danielle stop and turn human again and start making out.  Erica emerges from the bushes and starts kissing Al as Danielle sheepishly, pun intended, backs off.  Erica asks where she thinks she’s going and they proceed to have a three way.  Insert wolf howl here.  Erica tells Al that she is his number one bitch and not to forget it.  Pam and Tara are back at Fangtasia looking for some TruBlood.  They are interrupted by a SWAT team looking for Pam.  As she kneels Tara tries to defend her, and is shot.  Is she a goner?  I think not.

As Eric walks Sookie back to her house he says he’s surprised that she staked Bill and she says so is she.  In the house he asks for a pen and paper and proceeds to stab the pen into his wrist and write a contract giving ownership of the house back to Sookie.  He says he will always remember her as the innocent girl in the white dress that first entered Fangtasia and she says she would like to be that girl again.  Using this as her reason she rescinds his invitation to her house and he is sucked back out onto the porch.  As the door closes he and Sookie look at each other and he says, “Goodnight Ms. Stackhouse”.  Awww!  Nora is waiting on the porch and mocks his love for Sookie.  He tells her that from now on they will leave the fairy alone.  At Terry and Arlene’s house Andy is sleeping on the couch when we hear the pitter patter of little feet.  He awakens to four toddlers saying, “Hi Daddy!”.  The three adults scream in shock.  Fairy kids grow up so fast don’t they?

"Um Eric you do know that you don't need to sign in your own blood to make it legal right?"

“Um Eric you do know that you don’t need to sign in your own blood to make it legal right?”

Bill brings Jessica a glass of TruBlood, she sips some and starts to place it on the bedside table but it begins to fall.  It is then suspended in mid air, the liquid is placed back inside the glass and it takes its rightful place on the table.  Jess asks if he knew he could do that and Bill denies it.  He tells her that she is the only one he can trust, he tucks her in and leaves her.  Jason tells Rutger that he can see his dead parents and that he may be as crazy as his sister.  He begins to explain about Warlow and Rutger says, “You can’t keep Warlow away from Sookie.”  When Jason asks how he knew her name he says, “Who the hell do you think I am Jason?” and laughs maniacally.  Jason shoots him and POOF! Rutger disappears as the car drives straight toward a tree.  The episode ends with Bill waking from a nightmare and hears his name being called.  He makes his way to his office and sees not one but three naked bloody ladies.  He asks who they are and they all rush toward him and shoot into his body.

What did you think of the episode?  Sorry for the long recap but we had a lot of ground to cover didn’t we?  I am so excited that Rutger Hauer has joined the cast and can’t wait to see what happens next.  Don’t forget to watch next week’s episode next Sunday night on HBO.  Also Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton, directed this episode.  Thanks for reading Trubies!

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