TV Recap – HANNIBAL “Releves”

Hi kids.  Yet again I had trouble watching this episode on time as I have the misfortune of living in Utah but I finally made it so let’s get on with this tense episode…

This week’s vocabulary word, and title of the episode, was a bit tricky to define.  From what I’ve read online it means a protein dish that is served right before the entrée.  Although literally releves means “remove”.  I knew I should have studied more in French class.  On with the show.  Georgia the living dead girl is looking much more lively in her oxygen chamber.  She tells Will she had a dream that he killed Dr. Sutcliffe but couldn’t see his face.  We all know who really did it don’t we?  Hannibal brings some fancy chicken soup to Will’s hospital room.  Will tells him that Georgia is his support system and vice versa.  He also wants to know if Hannibal has told Jack that he may have a bigger problem than just a high fever.  Hannibal says he hasn’t.  Back in Georgia’s chamber she hears a noise and then starts combing her hair.  The comb creates sparks and the oxygen filled chamber becomes a fire filled chamber and whamo one charred Georgia.  The team finds her grounding bracelet, to prevent static electricity, so Jack concludes that she killed herself because of the murder charges against her.

"Don't let static stop you Georgia."

“Don’t let static stop you Georgia.”

Freddie is working with Abigail on the book.  She wants to know who killed Nick Boyle.  Abigail squirms a little in her seat.  Freddie might be irritating but she’s no fool…until she says that she thinks Will did it.  Wrong!  Will has a dream that Georgia is in his room, looking dead again.  He follows her outside and she keeps saying, “See?  See?”.  Then two antlers jut out from her chest and she is aflame again.  She vanishes and the large stag is there with his antlers ablaze.  Will tells Jack that Georgia was murdered by whoever killed Dr. Sutcliffe.  The team found a piece of melted plastic with her hair in it, the comb of course.  Will says that’s the murder weapon.  He then begins past copy cat victims to Georgia and Sutcliffe.  When Jack goes to see Hannibal he asks about Will, is it more than a fever?  He also needs to know about Will and Abigail’s relationship.  Hannibal dances around the topics and says that Will needs their support.

After not receiving satisfactory answers Jack goes to Hannibal’s shrink and says he thinks Hannibal is withholding important information about the cases.  She won’t answer because he doesn’t have a court order.  She does tell him that Hannibal thinks of Will as more of a friend than a patient.  He sure has a funny way of treating his friends.  Will visits Abigail and they have a pretty creepy, yet brutally honest, conversation about who they have killed.  Abby says she felt good after killing Nick Doyle and Jack reluctantly agrees that he felt the same way when she killed her father.  Will tells her that he wants her help in finding the copy cat killer.  Hannibal goes to see his psychiatrist and she tells him about Jack’s visit.  She thinks he is crossing the line with Will and says, “Whatever you’re doing with Will, stop”.  Hannibal politely refuses.

Will tells Hannibal that he is thinking more clearly and tells him about his copy cat theory.  He thinks whoever killed Sutcliffe was trying to frame him not Georgia.  He says that the killer is working closely within the FBI and also reveals that he is taking Abby back to Minnesota where it all started.  Jack goes to the asylum and finds Freddie there but no Abby.  Freddie asks him if Abby killed Nick.  I told you she was pretty bright.  Jack goes to Hannibal’s office again and demands to know about Will and Abby’s relationship.  Hannibal doesn’t divulge their whereabouts but he does play a tape he recorded of Will talking about feeling like he killed Abby’s friend that was found in the attic of her father’s cabin.  Hannibal throws Will under the bus and says he may think that he is becoming Abby’s father.  Jack looks like he’s ready to cry.

"I'm so sorry Abigail."

“I’m so sorry Abigail.”

Will and Abby arrive at the cabin and head to the attic.  She asks him if he is a hunter and he replies that he fishes.  She says her dad taught her to hunt.  He then asks if she was a hunter or a fisher when it came to her father’s crimes and she says she was the lure.  Will sees himself lifting Abby up and impaling her on a set of antlers and then wakes up drenched in sweat on an empty plane.  The stewardess tells him that he is back in Virginia.  In the final scene Abby goes back to her house and guess who’s there…Hannibal that’s who!  They hug and she says that Will has figured everything out.  She asks him why he called her dad the day that he died and he said he wanted to see how much like her father she was.  He also confesses that he has killed many more people than her father.  She asks if he is going to kill her and he simply replies, “I’m so sorry Abigail.”  Whew!  That’s it for this week.  Don’t miss out on the season finale next Thursday on NBC.  Thanks for reading friendos!

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