New Indie Film Is Vampire Diaries Meets Dexter‏

Interesting concept.  So what do you get when you cross the Vampire Diaries with Dexter?  Read on for the details.

Following his actions in the short film “So Pretty”, Sean, a 200-year-old vampire with a conscience, has now been arrested for murdering a pedophile on a late-night Miami train. Unaware that they have a vampire in their custody, Miami Police hand the investigation over to F.B.I. agent Wilburn, who is the head of a clandestine task force that hunts, tortures, and kills vampires. As sunrise approaches, Sean must find a way to escape or risk becoming one of her experiments.

Sounds like it’s going to be an interesting watch.

Written by James Williams
Produced by Al Lougher & Keri Maletto
Directed by Al Lougher

Al Lougher is a British writer, director and photographer currently living in Miami and has produced and directed many music videos and short films as well as corporate videos and commercials. Al is currently busy with development of the feature film version of So Dark. For more information on the feature check for updates at

And now, just because I’m nice, you can view this new independent short, So Dark, below.  Let us know what you think.  Hit or miss.

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