Event Report: TrulyDisturbing Invades THE GREAT HORROR CAMPOUT

We had the awesome chance to experience The Great Horror Campout and our field reporter Chelsea aka Lazarus Jones, did a great job. Check out her report below!

The Great Horror Campout Experience


By Lazarus Jones (or Chelsea Pickens)



Melissa Carbone, president of Ten Thirty One, said that when creating The Great Horror Campout, they were aiming for something that “appealed to high horror fans…[they] want to be tortured, etc, but it’s safe.” That is just what I found as I was shown around The Great Horror Campout with other horror fans who were invited for a second night sneak preview. On June the 7th and 8th participants entered into a camp-like setting at 8pm for a twelve hour terror themed campout.

What makes this experience unique however is how immersive it is, as the actors are not only allowed to touch you, but will grab, bind, chain and simulate torture on participants. In fact, it is intense enough that all involved are given a safe phrase , “ I want my mommy”, to be able to call off the interaction if it becomes too much.


At the bottom are all the important goodiesUpon looking around I discovered a large movie screen, camping grounds and most importantly, the sectioned off area of the Hell Hunt. While all the camp is fair game for scares, including being dragged from your tent, the Hell Hunt is where the most intense interactions happen. That night there would be 115 monsters roaming the woods, trailer park and maze, including 60 to 70 individual species, all calling back to wonderfully familiar urban legends. The Mothman, rampant chupacabras, pope lick monsters guarding their valuable eggs, and the classic mutant hillbillies would all be making appearances this evening. Campers would also brave dark obstacle courses and participate in strange rituals to earn “scag”, items that serve as currency to bribe your way from captivity, but are also needed if you wish to be declared Hell Master and the winner of the Hell Hunt.


An item is needed from three unique levels of scag, each more grueling and rare than the previous. You may have to impress the priestess with your help in a VooDoo ritual or break a man’s fingers and cut one off with yard clippers, while he screams chained to a bus.


The courses themselves are no picnic. While I was there, I had to crawl through a viscera covered car, into dark sheds and blood covered trailers. It was a challenge in the daylight, being chased by creatures at night would be a heart attack on wheels. I was told the previous evening had only 8 winners out of approximately 600 attendees.


The game play is geared to reward you for how involved you choose to be, offering participants an eerie playground, lit only by fire light and flashlights. With an ever shifting rule set, it takes on almost ‘Battle Royal’ like qualities, constantly keeping players on their toes and on edge. While they are still fine tuning small details, it’s a horror fan’s dream come true.

We will have a full gallery of images you can feast your eyes on soon.


For more details on The Great Horror Campout and any future appearances check out www.greathorrorcampout.com .

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