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Sorry about last week friendos…I will do a brief recap of last week’s episode “Buffet Froid” first and then on to awesome guest star Eddie Izzard returning!

As I said last week’s episode was entitled “Buffet Froid” which literally means cold buffet.  In the episode someone is killing people and using a filet knife to make them smile from ear-to-ear, literally.  Pretty gruesome stuff.  When Will goes to the crime scene of the first victim he gets so into it that he contaminates the scene by getting his fingerprints on the knife and getting blood on himself.  Will tells Hannibal that the killer is desperate and sad.  Will also worries that his escalating hallucinations could be from a brain tumor or blood clot.  Hannibal escorts Will to a neurologist that he knows personally.  While Will is in the MRI machine Hannibal tells the neurologist that he can smell what’s wrong with him….encephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain usually caused by a viral infection.

The MRI confirms Hannibal’s smell test diagnosis but in the interest of scientific research the neurologist and Hannibal decide to tell him they found nothing.  Hannibal wants Will to think that his problem is purely psychological.  Will goes back to the crime scene of the first victim and finds the killer hiding under the bed.  It is a woman who, thanks to her mother’s help, is suffering from Cotard Syndrome.  The syndrome is also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome in which the patient believes that they are dead, rotting or simply don’t exist at all.  The woman she killed was her best friend.  Will thinks that she couldn’t even see who she was killing because she was trying to “find” her face, to unmask her.

Hannibal has the neurologist over for dinner.  He asks Hannibal what makes Will so rare and he replies that Will has a remarkable imagination and empathy and that his mind is on fire.  The neurologist asks if he will let that fire burn or put it out.  As in previous episodes Hannibal states that Will is a friend and also says that now that they know what is wrong with Will it will be easier to hide it from him.  Oh Hannibal you cad!  Ignoring Hannibal’s wishes the neurologist decides to do another MRI for Will.  Will comes out of the machine and the doctor is nowhere to be found.  He goes to the man’s office and finds him with his head bent backwards and his mouth has been slit the same way the first victim’s was, so severely that his tongue protrudes grotesquely.  Beverly quells Will’s fears after she scans him for blood.  He didn’t do it.  Back at home Will finds the killer under his bed and calmly talks to her and tells her who she is.  She asks him, “Am I alive?”.  He holds her hand until the crew shows up.  The last scene shows the killer, Georgia, in a giant incubator.  She has a flashback of herself walking into the neurologists office and we see that Hannibal, in a Patrick Bateman style slicker, is hovering over the doctor with scissors.  As he turns around Georgia, true to the Cotard Syndrome, cannot see his face.  It is only a blur.  He hands Georgia the scissors and leaves.

"This takes the term 'Say Ah" to a whole other level!"

“This takes the term ‘Say Ah” to a whole other level!”

And now for the main event.  This week’s episode is entitled “Roti”.  Roti is an unleavened bread usually served with curry.  This week we see the return of Dr. Gideon, played by the always wonderful Eddie Izzard.  He is being transported to court because he sued Dr. Chilton for planting thoughts in his mind that made him believe he was the Chesapeake Ripper and that’s why he killed the nurse while in custody,  Gideon tries to make small talk with the guard and orderly in the back of the wagon with him.  He asks the orderly how he keeps his white uniform so white.  Next we see Will and the team on the side of the road beside the abandoned vehicle.  Gideon took the guards organs and strung them up in nearby branches.  Some are even tied with fancy little bows.  Alana and Will go back to Chilton’s office and Alana says that he pushed Gideon into believing he was the Ripper when he was not.

Later Will tells Hannibal about his new hallucinations involving tidal waves and says he feels like somebody else.  He identifies with Gideon when he says that psychiatrists got into Gideon’s head and moved all the furniture around.  I find that strangely beautiful.  I think everyone has felt that way at one time or another.  Anyhoo…Hannibal says that Gideon will look for the real Ripper to find out who he really is.  Jack wants a list of all the psychiatrists that worked with Gideon.  Alana Bloom is on that list and Will voices his concerns about this.  Freddie Lounds gets a call from a Dr. Paul Caruthers, whom she wrote an article about regarding Gideon’s case.  Naturally the voice on the phone is that of Gideon himself.  When Freddie gets to Caruther’s office she sees the doctor tied to a chair with bags of blood surrounding him.  On a more interesting (gruesome) note his tongue has been pulled through a cut in his throat.  Gideon also has a gun.  When the team arrives they find a cooler with over four liters of blood in it.  There is a note written on a prescription pad telling them to give the contents to the American Red Cross.  Brilliant!

"Look just because I'm a serial killer doesn't mean I can't contribute to my favorite charity!"

“Look just because I’m a serial killer doesn’t mean I can’t contribute to my favorite charity!”

Gideon has taken Freddie to the observatory, the same one where Jack’s protégé Miriam’s severed arm was found.  He is waiting for the Ripper to come to him.  Back at the lab another doctor in the Gideon case was killed with his tongue pulled through his throat, but unlike the other victim, he also has his right arm severed…just like poor Miriam.  Will is positive that Gideon did not kill this man, the real Ripper did and it is a message for Jack.  Meanwhile at the observatory Gideon has Dr. Chilton on a gurney.  He is under a local anesthetic and his assistant is none other than Freddie Lounds.  He uses a scalpel to slice into Chilton’s abdomen and begins to remove some non-vital organs to make a “gift basket” for the Ripper.  What a considerate host!

"Edible Arrangements can go to hell Freddie!  This shall be the best gift basket ever!"

“Edible Arrangements can go to hell Freddie! This shall be the best gift basket ever!”

Jack, Will and a slew of agents head for the observatory.  Jack tells Will to stay outside.  I think Jack is now truly concerned for Will’s well being.  It’s about damn time!  The agents enter and find Freddie and Dr. Chilton.  The son of a bitch is still alive and holding his intestines so they don’t fall off the table.  Gideon gets into Jack’s car but surprise a feverish Will is lurking in the backseat with his gun.  He forces him to drive to Hannibal.  Hannibal sits Gideon at a table and an almost incoherent Will sees Gideon morph into Garrett Hobbs, the man he killed in the first episode.  Hannibal uses Will’s illness to his advantage and tells him that there is no one in the room with them.  This causes Will to have a seizure and Hannibal takes the gun from him.  After Hannibal puts him in a separate room he sits down to talk to Gideon.  They ask each other, “Are you the Ripper?”.  Sadly Gideon seems more concerned about Will’s condition than Hannibal.  Hannibal brings up Alana Bloom, since she also worked on Gideon’s case, and tells him where he can find her.

Will comes to and Hannibal assesses him.  He asks him to smile, which is a common practice to see if someone has had a stroke, and it is the saddest and most terrifying smile I have ever seen.  Hannibal says he is going to protect Alana and leaves Will alone in a room with his gun and keys conveniently placed on the table.  When he walks back into the room Will is gone.  He obviously wants Will to “rescue” Alana by killing Gideon.  Gideon is standing outside Alana’s house and Will shakily walks up to him.  Again Gideon morphs into Hobbs and back again.  Bang!  Alana hears a gunshot.  The following morning Hannibal is in Jack’s office.  Gideon is dead and Will is in the hospital with a very high fever.  Hannibal wants Jack to take Will’s gun from him, which I take to mean that he thinks Will is getting too close to figuring out who he really is.  Jack wisely refuses.  As Alana waits at Will’s bedside Hannibal goes back to his own psychiatrist.  He tells her that he sees himself in Will.  She asks if he sees Will’s madness in himself as well.  We close with Hannibal stating yet again that he still wants a friendship with Will.  Sure you do Han, sure you do.

Well sorry about last week, my cable was not cooperating.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the last two episodes of the season.  As per usual anyone in Utah can catch this week’s episode Sunday at midnight on CW.

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