Truly Disturbing Special: Happy 66th Birthday Robert Englund

When a legend of the genre we call horror turns that special age of 66, we had to celebrate with a special report.  Rhiannon Irons, a.k.a Ahlephia, here with a short birthday message to the man of all our dreams.

Rob2On June 6, 1947, Robert Barton Englund made his first appearance in the world.  And despite his acting career taking hold in 1974, it wasn’t until 1983’s V that Robert became a house hold name.  One year later, he cemented himself as a horror star in A Nightmare On Elm Street and has never looked back.

Playing the role of Freddy Krueger eight times since 1984, Robert has become one of the Fantastic Four villains of horror. (Leatherface, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees being the other villains)  He’s a well known pop culture icon and even has a whole section of his official website dedicated to fans that sport Freddy Krueger tattoos.  (It’s actually dedicated to anyone who has a tattoo that’s got something to do with Robert himself, but it’s mostly filled with Freddy)

Aside from Krueger, Robert has played The Phantom Of The Opera, a veteran of the civil war, a shade art lover, a character inspired by Donald Pleasence in Halloween and a university professor with an obsession for folk tales to name a few.

His range is remarkable, his talent is undeniable, his work is immortal, and his presence on screen is second to none.  When it comes to horror icons, Robert Englund is in a league of his own.

Now, at the age of 66, Robert isn’t slowing down.  He’s still working within the horror genre, with new horrors set to be released soon, including a sequel to Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon and the new horror film Kantemir which is currently in post-production so we expect it to be released soon.

Robert Englund isn’t just an icon of the genre we call horror.  He is a legend.  On behalf of the team here at Truly Disturbing, I want to wish Mr. Robert Barton Englund a very happy 66th Birthday.  6/6 and turns 66.  No wonder he’s one of horrors greatest stars.


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