Disturbing Video: Harlem Shake Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong

There has been some speculation on this video. It was even the topic of discussion out here in Los Angeles on many radio stations. Check out the video below and you determine whether it is fake or legit.

The video starts out simple enough and if you’ve never seen a Harlem Shake video, there is a edit right before the beat drops so that is normal. The question is, why would they put a gas tank right next to a firecracker?

harlem shake

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  1 comment for “Disturbing Video: Harlem Shake Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong

  1. Miracll
    November 15, 2015 at 3:44 AM

    This is definitely fake because it is made by racka racka, go to their channel you tube and you will see a lot worse looking stuff that is also fake.

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