TV Recap – HANNIBAL “Trou Normand”

Another week another horrifying murder scene.  Plus little Abigail is back!  Read on to see what the good doctor and his pals were up to this week…


First things first…a Trou Normand is a palate cleanser not unlike sorbet.

We begin this week with Jack and Will walking along a beach.  They’re not there to play volleyball seeing as how there’s a damn totem pole made of human bodies standing tall and proud on the beach!  Jack and Will are informed that some of the bodies are new and some are decades old.  Jack orders everyone to back off so Will can work his crazy magic.  After his mind meld with the killer a troubled looking Will is pacing outside Hannibal’s office.  He opens the door and tells Hannibal that he does not know how he got there.  He tells Will that his life is separating from reality.  He also tells him that his extreme empathy towards the killers is a real threat to him.  He worries that Will may lose more time and hurt himself or others.

Well this gives me an idea for my Christmas tree next year!

Well this gives me an idea for my Christmas tree next year!

Abigail is having a nightmare at the psychiatric hospital about being in a group therapy session where she tells the others she hears her fathers voice the others in the room are all her father’s victims.  Super creepy.  Will goes to Jack’s office and apologizes to him.  Jack asks him what for and says he was acting normal.  Whatever normal is for poor Will.  Back at the hospital Abby tells the loathsome Freddie Lounds that she sold her parents’ house.  Freddie tells her she will never see any of that money due to the fact that all the victims’ families have filed wrongful death suits.  She tells her that there is a way for her to make her own money by writing a tell-all book!  Abby agrees to work with her.

In the lab Will and Jack learn that the totem pole was made up of seventeen bodies.  Beverly states that most of the bodies were grave robberies and that they had died accidental deaths.  Will disagrees and says that they were all murders, they just looked like accidents.  As per usual he is showing slides of the victims to his class when he is interrupted by Alana.  She says she’s sorry for interrupting his practice and a confused Will looks around the room and sees that he is alone.  Alana tells him that she regrets leaving his house the other night but says that she still thinks he’s unstable and they will have to remain ‘just friends’ until that changes.  What a tease.  Will and Hannibal go to the hospital and tell Abby that the book is a bad idea.  Hannibal cryptically tells her that once she opens that door she can’t control what comes through.

Meanwhile the cops find Nicholas’ body.  If you recall he is the man that Abigail gutted and that Hannibal helped to hide his corpse.  Jack wants Abby to identify the body.  Although Alana is extremely opposed to the idea she agrees to go with him and they retrieve Abby.  Jack pulls the sheet back and begins to interrogate her.  When she asks that he pulls the sheet back up he refuses.  He almost cracks her by asking if she killed him, but somehow she manages to hold it together.  After Abby leaves Alana lets Jack know how royally pissed she is that he would put the girl through that.  He says he knows she’s guilty.  Alana sticks up for her and Hannibal as well.  Back at the hospital Hannibal tells Abby that she has betrayed his trust and wants her to think about what would happen if he couldn’t trust her again.

The forensic team finds evidence on the first body on the totem pole.  He is the only one that was ruled an actual murder.  The suspect still lives in the area so Will and Jack book it to his house.  He is sitting in an easy chair surround by packed boxes.  I saw in the opening credits that Lance Henriksen was going to be in this episode and I was delighted.  Unfortunately with the Abigail storyline back in action his part was unfortunately quite small but it was a joy to see him anyway.  He tells them that he had faith that they would find him and calmly confesses to all the murders.

"Seeing how I confessed and all...can I take my comfy chair to prison with me?"

“Seeing how I confessed and all…can I take my comfy chair to prison with me?”

Will goes to see Nicholas’ body and mind melds with his killer.  Nick sits up from the table and as he hops down he is back in the clothing he was killed in.  Will sees himself ram a hunting knife into his stomach and pull downwards.  Then Nick turns into Abby and she in turn stabs Will in the same manner.  Will goes to Hannibal and tells him he knows that Abby did it and Hannibal replies, “Yes I know”.  He then surprisingly says that he helped hide the body and asks Will if he has told Jack yet.  He says that they are her fathers now and if Will goes to Jack it will ruin Abby’s future.  My god it’s just like that delightful eighties sitcom My Two Dads…only more murdery!  Will agrees not to rat them out.

In the final scene Hannibal invites Will, Abby and Freddie Lounds to dinner.  Abby’s big blue eyes nervously go from Will to Hannibal and back again.  I’m surprised that Freddie didn’t pick up on that, but then again she is bickering with Will about the book.  Hannibal and Abby are in the kitchen and she says that she knows that Will knows what she did.  Hannibal asks her if she has anything more to say and she confesses that she helped her father pick girls up.  She would find girls that looked like her and find out where they lived and when they would be alone.  She sobs and says, “I knew it was either them or me”.  She calls herself a monster and Hannibal tells her that she is a victim and hugs her tightly.  There was something strangely loving about the way he comforted her and stroked her hair.

"There there my little ingénue...I promise to teach you everything I know."

“There there my little ingénue…I promise to teach you everything I know.”

Whew boy!  This episode gave me another ulcer!  Don’t forget to watch next week’s new episode Thursday night on NBC.  Or midnight Sunday for my fellow Utah friendos.  Thanks for reading!

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