Is There A Season 2 In HEMLOCK GROVE’S Future?

Let’s be honest, Hemlock Grove had a lukewarm response from fans and critics alike. Nonetheless, a second season COULD be in the works since the show did wonders for Netflix. Read on for the details.

“‘Hemlock’ is much more polarizing; you either love it or hate it,” says Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos regarding the series. “The crossover for the people who love the show was ‘American Horror Story,’ not ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ It was incredibly popular in the Nordics because of the popularity of the Skarsgards [Bill Skarsgard stars] and in Latin America, where the horror genre is very big. ‘Hemlock Grove’ is horror, but it’s not really CW horror; it’s much more adult than that.

So is there more on the way? Sarandos says that they’re currently “hearing pitches” and plotline ideas for the next season.

We hope to bring you more soon.

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