TV Recap – BATES MOTEL “Midnight”

Well it’s all over now…for this season anyway.  Read on to see how it all worked out.


We begin with Norma going to Sheriff Romero and tells him about Abernathy’s threat.  He says he’ll take care of it.  When she scoffs at this he says she’ll just have to trust him.  Back at home Norma is being nice to Dylan…she obviously wants something.  She asks him for a gun and he thinks it’s a bad idea.  Me too Dylan, me too.  Romero goes to Shelby’s garage and opens a trunk.  Voila!  Bag full of money!  Norma goes into town to see her therapist.  He is surprised because she canceled their last appointment, but he lets her come in anyway.  She wants to know how to deal with stress.  What kind of stress, she says “stuff”.  He asks her about her childhood and parents.  She paints a pretty picture of an only child, a loving father and a mother who smelled of cookies…then she gets nauseous and bolts.

Norman is being a creeper and eavesdrops on his English teacher’s argument with her boyfriend on her phone.  He comes in to see if she’s alright and she hugs him and gets a little touchy-feely.  Hot for teacher!  Romero goes to see Keith Summers’ sister Maggie.  He tells her he knows that she was doing the books for Keith and Shelby’s Asian sexchange program.  Yes I meant to say sexchange.  Abernathy was the third partner in the business and he came to ask her first if she had the money.  He roughed her up while doing so.  Back at the office Emma comes in to show Norma the dress she’s wearing to the dance that night.  Her date is none other than Norman himself.  Norma seems a little surprised at first but quickly puts on her happy face again.  Is she jealous or just consumed with her appointment at midnight?  My guess is a little bit of both.  Dylan gives in and gets Norma a gun.  He takes her behind the motel for target practice.  She breaks a bottle on her third try and Dylan seems genuinely impressed.  She asks him what kind of job requires him to pack heat and he tells her about his pot fields.  She of course disapproves.

"You keep this up Norma and I might just get you a job in the fields!"

“You keep this up Norma and I might just get you a job in the fields!”

Later while performing her housekeeping duties Maggie shows up to tell Norma not to mess with Abernathy because he will kill her.  Really?!  Thank you Captain Obvious!  Bradley comes to the house and asks for Dylan.  He comes down the stairs and hands her a box with some of her dad’s stuff in it.  While they chat Norm is being a creeper again and listening to them.  He is also getting that crazy gleam in his eye again.  As he gets ready for the dance he loses his shit and screams for mother.  He can’t find any black socks and he’ll be damned if he has to wear white socks with his suit.  He is being a smart ass to mommy and Dylan comes in his room to loan him some socks.  He tells Norm to take it easy on mom and that he’s not going out with Bradley.  Norm says that he should because he is totally over her.  Sure you are Normie.

Norma and Norm sit on the couch and stare at the clock.  Norma decides it is confession time, probably because she feels her life ticking away, and tells her son that her brother used to make her have sex with him.  So that’s why she left the therapist’s office in such a hurry.  Ding dong!  Emma arrives and she looks beautiful.  Norman doesn’t get up to greet her at first because, well, how would anyone handle that information and not be in shock?  After Norma hugs them and sends them on their way Abernathy calls to remind her of their appointment.  Emma and Norman both admit to being dance virgins.  As they glide to “Lady in Red” Emma catches him staring at Bradley.  She starts to cry and tells Norm that she was stupid to think that he could start to like her and tells him to find his own ride home.  Bradley’s boyfriend takes Norman outside and tells him to leave her alone.  Then he punches him in the face.  He starts walking home in the rain when sexy teacher pulls up.  She offers to take him to her place to clean him up.  Hmmm.

"Man is it tough to be so attractive to older women...even if one of them is my mother."

“Man is it tough to be so attractive to older women…even if one of them is my mother.”

Norma packs an overnight bag and shoves a pillow in it.  I am embarrassed to say that I wondered what the hell she was doing that for and the light bulb didn’t go on until she went to the dock.  Ding!  It’s supposed to look like it’s full of money.  She hears a car pull up and hides behind some crates.  It’s Romero with his bag of money.  Abernathy pulls up and asks him who the hell he is.  He wants to take the money and run but Romero wants to talk to him first.  He tells him that he had the wrong partner and wants to go fifty-fifty with him in the sexchange program.  Gasp!  I thought he was a good guy.  Norma is aiming her gun but I doubt if she can hit anything because she has a bad case of the shakes.  Abernathy reluctantly agrees and Romero throws the bag at his feet.  As he bends to pick it up Romero shoots him multiple times.  Yay he’s good after all.  He says in a bad ass voice “Not in my town.”  Then he tells Norma to go home and she pops up from her hiding spot like a gopher.  Abernathy drops into the water and then Romero throws the bag in as well.  That money better not be in that bag!  I don’t think the sheriff is that dumb.  I almost expected Norma to jump in to retrieve it.

Back at sexy teacher’s house she gives Norm some tea and cleans his bloody face.  Bradley’s boyfriend packs a hell of a punch.  Norman stares at her cleavage most of the time.  After an awkward silence she says she’s going to her room to change out of her dress.  She leaves the door open and he watches her in the mirror.  Then he hallucinates that Norma is sitting on the couch and asks him what kind of a grown woman lets a boy watch her get undressed.  That’s a good question mommy.  Then she cryptically says, “You know what you have to do”.  Uh oh.  Norman runs home and Norma almost runs him over in the motel parking lot.  He hugs her and he tells her that everything’s going to be alright.  When she asks what happened to him he says he remembers going to his teacher’s house and then doesn’t remember anything until he was running home.  Our last scene takes us back to said teacher’s house.  There’s a pool of blood and sexy teacher in her lingerie is dead on the floor with her throat slit.

Well friendos what did you think of the finale?  To be honest it was a bit anticlimactic for me.  We’ll have to wait for next season to see what’s next for the Bates family and where the hell that money went…thanks for reading!

"See you in your nightmares!"

“See you in your nightmares!”

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