TV Recap – HANNIBAL “Fromage”

Yes friendos fromage means cheese.  Read on for the most gut wrenching episode yet!

We begin with Franklin’s friend Tobias.  He is a music teacher and purveyor of strings.  He is teaching a young man.  The young man asks if strings were made of cat guts and Tobias replies, “Not always”.  We then see Tobias in a basement with a body laying on a table.  He is removing the intestines and processing them to make strings.  Ewww!  Speaking of friendly Franklin, he is having another session with Hannibal.  He is concerned that Tobias may be a psychopath…because he googled the term.  That’s a surefire diagnostic tool if I ever heard of one.  Hannibal suggests that he may be projecting his own feelings onto Tobias and when Franklin asks if he himself is a psychopath Hannibal emphatically says no but that he may be attracted to them.  Exactly.

Cut to a stage where a man has been displayed, well  center stage with the neck of a cello jutting out from his mouth.  Said man just happens to be a member of the Baltimore Metropolitan Orchestra.  He was a trombonist.  Will does his thing and thinks that the killer wanted to play him.  The lab determines that several chemicals were used to manipulate the vocal chords in order to achieve a certain sound.  The throat was cut open so that a bow could be used to play the strings.  Will thinks the perp is a musician.  Back in his office Hannibal asks if olive oil was used as it used to be used on the now defunct cat gut strings.  After Will confirms this he says that the killer is serenading someone and wants that person to know how well he plays.

"How ironic.  Mother always wanted me to play the cello."

“How ironic. Mother always wanted me to play the cello.”

At his next appointment Franklin tells Hannibal that Tobias said he wanted to cut a man’s throat open and play it like a violin.  Hannibal asks why he would tell him something like that and Franklin responds by saying, “Because he knew I would tell you”.  Hannibal makes a visit to Tobias’ shop.  He brings up the trombonist and Tobias says it was a tragedy.  Hannibal says it was the best thing for the orchestra.  Ouch.  These two are just toying with each other.  He explains his visit to Tobias as needing new strings for his harpsichord.  Back at Will Graham manor Will is hearing strange animal noises in the chimney.  After he knocks a hole in it Alana shows up.  Will says that so far she has avoided being in a room alone with him and now she’s making house calls.  Then they kiss!  Alana tells him that it is just a kiss and that they aren’t good for each other.  Will says that he is not her patient and they kiss a bit more.  Then Alana excuses herself.  What a tease!

Hannibal has a dinner guest…Tobias.  He bluntly asks him if he killed the trombonist.  Tobias says, “Do you really have to ask?”.  He also says that he knows Franklin gave him his message.  Tobias says he wants the FBI to try to catch him and that he will kill any investigators and then Franklin.  Poor lonely Franklin.  Hannibal asks if he wants to kill him because he is lean and as everyone knows lean meat makes for the toughest strings.  Tobias says he has not killed Hannibal because he followed him one night to the bus yard and saw him bifurcate a man.  He sounds genuinely impressed.  Now Tobias says he could use a friend but Hannibal says he doesn’t want to be his friend and wants to kill him!  The ol’ switcheroo!  He assures Tobias that he didn’t poison him, only because he wouldn’t do that to the food.  And then the doorbell rings.  It is Will who immediately confesses that he kissed Alana Bloom.  They go back into the dining room and Tobias is nowhere to be found.  Hannibal takes the dessert out of the oven and makes a plate for Will.  He tells Hannibal about the strange animal noises and knew from looking at Alana’s face that she knew it was all in his head.  Hannibal then tells Will about Tobias and his string shop and that perhaps he should go interview him.  This sounds like a test to me.  Just like he did with Clarice Starling.

Will takes Hannibal’s advice and goes to interview Tobias with two police officers in tow.  After shooing away a student Tobias boldly gives details about the trombonist’s murder that were not in the press.  Will looks disgusted.  Then he hears what sounds like a dog being hit by a car and races outside.  After finding nothing Will heads back into the shop.  When he sees that the officers are missing in action he draws his weapon.  In a separate room he finds one of the officers dead.  He eventually makes his way to the basement where there is a shelf filled with jars of intestines.  He peeks behind a medical curtain and sees the other officer face down in water and when he pulls him up he sees the man has strings that have cut across his face and neck.  Tobias sneaks up behind Will and attempts to use some cat gut string as a garrote.  He manages to cover his neck with his hands and gets enough leverage to point his gun towards his attacker.  He shoots him in the ear.

"Did you hear that poor dog?  I'll just go investigate and leave you unsuspecting officers with the man who is probably a trombonist killer..."

“Did you hear that poor dog? I’ll just go investigate and leave you unsuspecting officers with the man who is probably a trombonist killer…”

Back at the good doctor’s office Franklin is royally pissed that Hannibal wants to refer him to yet another psychiatrist.  Hannibal explains that he is more concerned with him than with his own recovery.  Franklin says he is just disappointed that he never turned Tobias in to the authorities.  Tobias suddenly walks in and says he came to say goodbye to Franklin.  Frankie tries in vain to talk Tobias into turning himself in.  Hannibal stealthily walks behind him and snaps his neck.  Tobias seems stunned for a moment.  Then an epic melee begins.  Tobias wields his cat gut string like a champ and almost cuts Hannibal’s hand off at the wrist but Hannibal won’t go down that easily.  He grabs an extremely ornate letter opener and stabs him in the thigh.  While he is stunned Hannibal karate chops him in the wind pipe…and as he goes down he grabs a statue and bashes his brains in.  Whew!  I need a breather here.  What a great fight scene!  CSI, Jack and Will arrive and Hannibal tells Will that he was worried he was dead.  I almost believe him.  I think he was testing him to see if Will was ‘worthy’ of his friendship as he discussed with his own psychiatrist.  We end with Hannibal telling his doctor that he is going to start seeing patients again after several days off.  He says he can’t help but feel responsible for Franklin’s death…which he pinned on Tobias.

Part of me thinks that Hannibal genuinely believed that Tobias had killed Will.  When he saw Will come into his office he had tears in his eyes.  The other part of me still feels like it was a test to see how clever and resourceful Will could be.  This was the best and most suspenseful episode so far.  I certainly can’t wait to see what happens next week.  Until then, stay hungry my friendos.  The new episode will air next Thursday on NBC.  Again, if you live in Utah you can catch this episode on the CW at Sunday at midnight.  Thanks for reading!

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