TOMCAT FILMS Announces A Slew Of HORROR Films To Keep An Eye On

We love getting news like this.  A massive horror line up is coming our way compliments of Tomcat Films.  Read on for the details.

Tomcat Films have been very busy, churning out some incredible films.  Their latest masterpiece that’s coming soon is Angel of Darkness: The Legend of Lilith.

The Synopsis is as follows: A group of sorority girls playing “witch coven” hold a séance on Halloween and inadvertently summon the demon-succubus, Lilith, who rises from their spilled blood.  The ancient Sumerian vampire intends to breed and seeks out males to mate with… and drain their blood.  But, Faith, the one surviving sorority girl, and her boyfriend, Deacon, take it upon themselves to stop Lilith and banish her forever.

Sounds pretty wicked, doesn’t it?  Check out the poster at the end of the article.

Also coming from Tomcat Films are these titles and brief descriptions

Set in a slaughterhouse in the future… Aliens have invaded and conquered Earth. Mankind is being processed… as food. The aliens are a cybernetic race called the Sklaars.

Hundreds of prime specimen humans are selected to be served at a banquet on the 10thanniversary of the Aliens Invasion. One of the humans, Dex, is an ex-soldier, who fought against the Aliens in the war. The humans come up with a desperate plan to slaughter their captors and run for freedom… to the North Pole, where the aliens can’t go due to the freezing temperatures

Six sorority girls escape to the desolate countryside for a weekend getaway. There, they will stay at the ancestral home of their token geek legacy pledge, Dawn…. But, unbeknownst to them, an evil force from World War II is waiting for them. Dawn’s great-grandfather, it turns out, was a notorious Nazi murderer. He was known to torture his victims for no apparent reason… before killing them. This dark family secret has been hidden for decades, even from Dawn herself… Until now. A séance will awaken the spirit of the Nazi Killer, who will possess his descendant’s body… There will be a new Dawn… A Nazi Dawn… She will take over, where her great grandfather left off… and take the lives of her sorority sisters… and their male guests… one by one… Poor Dawn. She just isn’t herself today…. NAZI DAWN!!! Let the bloodshed begin!


Offering only the finest amenities, the ‘TITAN 1C’ is considered the most luxurious star-liner ever built. Excited to be touring through space with some of the world’s elite, Violet Ducator quickly settles in for the trip of a lifetime.

When a sudden meteor storm smashes into the hull, a deadly biological experiment is let loose in the ship’s duct system. Finding a suitable host, the retrovirus successfully merges with one of the passengers, transforming them into a seemingly invincible predator with the “touch of death”.

Life is going along pretty well for Brad and Penny until Brad brings home a smiling gardengnome. According to legend, the gnome will protect their garden, but this gnome is different. An innocent gift turns into a murderous nightmare as the pint-sized killer takes protecting the garden to a terrifying, relentless extreme.

From Chaos! Comics founder Brian Pulido (creator of Lady Death and Evil Ernie) comes a mischievous, suspenseful shocker.

Sounds like some fun projects are in the works over at Tomcat Films.  What do you think?


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