Check out the info for Jesse Dayton’s new flick ZOMBEX

Info for Jesse Dayton’s new flesh eater flick ZOMBEX is now available. Check out the synopsis below.

242805_190523604331685_165848186799227_518887_7703151_o-1Every year more and more zombie flicks come out, but once in a while you get one that makes you stop dead in your zombie-shuffling tracks. This looks like one of them, fiends. From writer/director Jessie Dayton comes ZOMBEX. The plot of ZOMBEX is pretty different. A pharmaceutical company develops a pill to help those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina deal with any possible post traumatic stress symptoms they may be experiencing. However, when side effects start popping up in pretty much all who take the pills, bad things start happening. ZOMBEX stars Malcolm McDowell, Sid Haig, David Christopher, Corey Feldman, and Lew Temple. Just based on the trailer, we’re in! As we get more info, we will update you fiends on this bad-ass looking film.








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  1 comment for “Check out the info for Jesse Dayton’s new flick ZOMBEX

  1. chad fish
    May 19, 2013 at 1:46 PM

    We are looking on getting a copy of this movie soon. We are in Austin TX and part if the film on the house boat. Looking to have a dvd release party screening . Please keep me uptodate

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