TV Recap – BATES MOTEL “Underwater”

There’s only one week left until the season finale.  Let’s see what the Bates clan is up to this week…


We begin this week with Sheriff Romero questioning Norma after finding Shelby’s rotting corpse in her bed. She is positive that Abernathy is the culprit. After he leaves she gets mad at Dylan’s workers for smoking pot on the motel porch. She freaks out and yells to Norman that they are moving. Norman has a dream that he drowns Bradley in a tub. At the office Norma gets a lovely bouquet delivered to her. Her joy is short lived after she reads the card. “See you soon…”. I wonder who that’s from. She tells Emma to throw them out. She then calls the sheriff’s office and sounds like a nut job when she says she got flowers and wants him to come investigate. In town Bradley asks Dylan if he can get her into her dad’s old office. Norma goes to her realtor to re-list the house and motel.

Norman brings his stuffed furry friend home and Norma gushes over how good it looks. It looks like a muppet to me. Dylan goes to Normie’s room and is understandably freaked out by the doggie. He sees that Norman is looking up his dream on the computer. He asks who he drowned. It takes some prodding but he finally tells him it was Bradley. Dylan says that he would never hurt someone right? Right?! Dylan and his green team are rollin’ in the dope. He stops his boss to ask if he can go into Bradley’s dad’s office. He says that the man’s family is lucky he didn’t kill them because of the money he lost him. He says if Dylan wants the office he can have it.

"Next I will stuff Bradley and we'll be together forever!"

“Next I will stuff Bradley and we’ll be together forever!”

The sheriff finally comes to the motel office and tells Norma that Abernathy is just an alias and they can find no trace of who he really is. Must have paid cash for the flowers eh? Clever boy. She bitches about the pot heads who are having a sing-a-long smoke out. He doesn’t seem too concerned and tells her she really doesn’t belong in the service industry. He tells her he will have someone patrol the property. Dylan meets Bradley at a restaurant and tells her it would probably be best if he went to her dad’s office alone to pack things up. She gives him the puppy eyes and says that since her mother has removed every trace of existence from their house his office is the only thing she has left of him. He gives in of course. After Emma, on Norma’s instruction, asks one of the stoners to extinguish his join the leaves her a pot cupcake. Awww what a nice young man. After a few moments of contemplation she scarfs that bad boy down. It’s about time she lives a little!

Norma tells her sweet little boy that after searching for the safest places to live she has found a house in Hawaii. As long as she gets the money back for the motel they’ll be able to afford it and they can work in a hotel because they have experience now! Norman reminds her that they have only been open for three days. Norm: 1 Norma: 0. He says he won’t leave and screams that she is crazy. I am inclined to agree. In what is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on TV lately Emma comes in the house with an enormous walking stick and even more enormous pupils. She asks them if they’ve ever thought about how alone the stairs leading up to the house are. Deep thoughts by Emma. Norma realizes that she is loaded and tells Norm to get her some orange juice and toast…sounds good to me.

"Should I or shouldn't I?  I totally should!"

“Should I or shouldn’t I? I totally should!”

Dylan and Bradley sneak into the warehouse and are promptly shot at by Remo. He tells them they have ten minutes. While Bradley is looking for her daddy’s pocket watch she comes across some love letters. She gets upset and runs outside. Listen sweetheart I don’t think your daddy was the upstanding citizen you thought he was. Dylan tells her that people are complicated and he hugs her. That night Norma acts like a frightened child and asks if she can sleep in Norman’s bed…with him in it. Incest is best! The next night Norma goes back to the realtor. He sees her coming and tries to get the hell out of dodge. Norma confronts him and he tells her that there is no market and he can’t get her money back. He then tells her it is probably best for her to just walk away from it. Norma violently assaults him with her purse and leaves. She starts crying in her car when she notices someone left something on her windshield. Then BAM! Abernathy, or whatever he’s calling himself now, pops out of the back seat and I screamed like a little girl. He pulls a gun on her and tells her that Shelby owed him one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and he knows that she has it. He gives her until midnight the next evening to get him the money.

Well only one show to go. If you need to catch up A&E is having a marathon this Saturday afternoon. The finale airs next Monday night. Thanks for reading friendos!


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