Event Review: Blood At The Beach

Last weekend, I trekked far from Brooklyn to Virginia Beach to attend Blood at the Beach. Here’s my review of my time there on Saturday.

485239_10151448399883850_1688555116_nLast weekend was the first time I attended Blood at the Beach, which was located just 11 miles inward of the sandy shores of Virginia Beach. I arrived in the wee hours of Friday night, as I drove down from Brooklyn. The first person I saw in the lobby was Derek Mears, who was having a late-night chat with some fans. The next morning we were allowed to enter the convention, and I immediately went to the celebrity signing room. In attendance were dearly departed (or missing) Waking Dead cast memebers (Michael Rooker–sporting a new mohawk, Lew Temple, Vinent Ward, Travis Love, Theodus Crane, and zombie preteen Addy Miller), Devil’s Reject cast members (Bill Moseley, William Forsyth, Tyler Mane, Leslie Easterbrook, Michael Berryman, PJ Soles, Priscilla Barnes, Dave Sheridan, Ken Foree, and Lew Temple), Derek Mears, Kane Hodder, Traci Lords, Josh Stewart, Doug Bradley, Julian Sands, John Kassir, and our dear friend Naomi Grossman from American Horror Story.


First we spoke to our friend Naomi Grossman, who was so excited to make her first East Coast convention debut. Naomi, who is most recently known for her role as the lovable Pepper in Season 2 of American Horror Story. Pepper quickly grew to be one of the most liked character of season 2. Pepper was also one of the most-best-kept secrets of Season 2 also. Naomi, whom I have interviewed over Skype before (see my interview HERE), is even more delightful, hilarious, and sweet in person. Skype does not do her justice! We took a few photos, and had to let her say hi to her other fans, as there were many.


Next up, I went over to chat with another friend of ours, Tyler Mane. A few weeks ago, I traveled to Philadelphia to see Tyler and his wife, Renae, premiere their new film, COMPOUND FRACTURE. (For my review on the film, click HERE.) I quickly became a massive fan of the dynamic duo after seeing the film. They have just recently completed the first leg of their grassroots tour for COMPOUND FRACTURE, taking a small breather, then going back on the road to promote the film. (For a complete list of tour dates/locations, click HERE)


In the booth next to Tyler was his good friend (and our new friend) Derek Mears. Derek, who also starred as a super villian in COMPOUND FRACTURE, as well as Jason Voorhees, Predator, and upcoming roles in Hatchet III and the Percy Jackson series. I chatted with Derek about his role in COMPOUND FRACTURE. The one thing you don’t realize when you see Derek–who is EXTREMELY tall–is that he’s fantastic at playing the villian, but is the sweetest, and most hilarious person you’ll meet. He’s a great guy and we are happy to now call him part of the TrulyDisturbing family.


We also chatted briefly with Lew Temple, who updated us on his current project, Wicked Blood, which also stars Sean Bean, Abigail Breslin and Jake Busey. Lew is always a pleasure to talk with and we always admire the way he dresses.


After chatting with our TD friends, I also took a look around at the vendors. There were vendors that sold everything from original artwork, to bone jewelry, steampunk gadgets, clothing, reproduction masks, and posters. Saturday was also the lineup of panels and independent screenings. I sat in on the Devil’s Reject panel, which included all the present cast members and even stunt coordinator Kane Hodder. Each of them have had numerous projects that have been in the works since Devil’s Rejects. They were also asked about how Rob Zombie is as a director. One of the audience members asked how much improv he allowed. They all were unanimous in saying that for House of 1,000 Corpses he was by the book, but for Devil’s Rejects, he allowed more improv and more input from the actors. They also recalled several stories about filming, and discussed at length a scene between Priscilla Barnes and Bill Moseley that involved a gun and some ladies underwear (I think we all know what scene I’m talking about).


Overall, my one day at the event was pretty amazing. Saw some good people, met a bunch of new people, and had a blast going to a new horror convention. If you live in the VA Beach area, its definitely one to check out.

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