Jason Voorhees Gets A NECA Look For Comic-Con

Back in 1989 there was a video game which starred Jason Voorhees in all his gory glory.  Now it looks like that Jason will be taking to San Diego Comic-Con.  Read on for all the details.

Toy company NECA just unveiled the first look at one of their Comic Con 2013 exclusive offerings, and I think I can safely say it’s not only the coolest toy they’ve ever put out, but also the coolest toy that has probably ever been made…by anyone…at any time.  It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to only see whipped up by a customizer…and I’ve never even seen a customizer come up with such a brilliant idea.

Jason Voorhees action figures have been released countless times over the years, by countless different companies.  Companies like NECA have spiced things up by tackling different looks that Voorhees has sported, in different instalments in the franchise, but for this year’s Comic Con, they’re thinking outside the box.  So far outside the box that their new Jason toy isn’t even based on any of the looks he has rocked within the movie franchise.  Because that just wouldn’t be unique enough.

Remember the NES Friday The 13th game, from 1989?  Jason is, for some unknown reason, wearing a baby blue hockey mask and a bright purple jumpsuit?  Yep.  NECA went there.

The fully articulated 7″ action figure features glow in the dark hands, mask and feet, with an included machete and axe whose blades also glow in the dark.  As if the toy wasn’t awesome enough, it will come housed inside of a special window box package, designed to recreate the look and feel of the NES video game’s packaging.

8-Bit Jason will be available exclusively at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, running July 17th-21st.  NECA can be found at booth #3145, and the figure will be selling for $25.

And just because we can, we’ve included the images of the Jason action figure just for you.  What do you think?  Love it, or loathe it?



Source: Freddy In Space

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