Have you been just itching to see The Black Dahlia Haunting? We have too and now you can get ready to see the film via VOD. Check it out below. Did we mention we have a new one-sheet for the film? YEP!

From the Press Release
Origin Releasing, in conjunction with Phase 4 Films, is proud to announce the United States and Canadian VIDEO ON DEMAND and PAY-PER-VIEW release dates for their feature film The Black Dahlia Haunting.

The VoD and PPV street date will be July 1st in both countries and will be available through numerous online and cable providers.

The acclaimed paranormal thriller, which has garnered such accolades as Best Director, Actress, and Monster at Shockfest 2012 in Hollywood and Best Use of Sexuality and Best Cameo at Pollygrind 2012, follows a young woman from New York City who travels to Los Angeles to check on the well-being of her estranged brother, who is being held in a psychiatric ward for the murder of his parents. While in LA she finds herself consumed by a mysterious spirit who turns out to be none other than Elizabeth Short, known in legend as THE BLACK DAHLIA.

The film stars Devanny Pinn (Hold Your Breath, Nude Nuns With Big Guns), Britt Griffith (Syfy’s Ghosthunters, Ghosthunters International), Cleve A. Hall (Syfy’s Monster Man,, Noah Dahl (Bad Teacher, Mr. and Mrs. Smith), Alexis Iacono (Blue Caprice, Prescott Place), Jessica Cameron (Silent Night, Truth or Dare), and Sarah Nicklin (The Disco Exorcist, 27 Dresses). The film was written and directed by Brandon Slagle, who also wrote and directed last year’s found footage science fiction feature Area 51 Confidential and appeared as an actor in films such as Argo and Patient Zero.

The VoD and PPV release will continue through the film’s DVD and Blu-ray release the following month, during which it will begin expanding to retail stores and Redbox.

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LOS ANGELES, 1947: An aspiring actress named Elizabeth Short is found brutally murdered in an empty lot in Los Angeles. The media dubs her “The Black Dahlia” due to her penchant for dark clothing. Her murder remains unsolved to this day. Although it’s not without its suspects.

LOS ANGELES, NOW: A young woman, Holly, is visiting Los Angeles from New York City after she is informed of the brutal murder of her father and stepmother by her younger brother, Tyler, who is blind. Upon meeting Tyler’s psychiatrist, Dr. Owen, Holly soon becomes aware that she is not in full possession of the facts surrounding the murder. Plagued by violent dreams, Tyler has been drawing the face of a woman he could have never possibly met, a woman identical to Elizabeth Short.

As Dr. Owen continues to evaluate Tyler’s condition, he learns that Tyler “speaks” to Elizabeth, and she may have ordered him to murder his parents. In essence, “hurting the ones who hurt him.” Holly soon begins seeing Elizabeth as well, culminating in Elizabeth’s spirit paying her a visit, proclaiming to Holly that she can set her free from all of her burdens.

Consumed by the spirit of the Dahlia, Holly engages in a war with not only herself, but also the dark figures revealing themselves around her, encouraged by Elizabeth to “hurt the ones who hurt her.”

The Black Dahlia
The Black Dahlia

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