What Would The BATES MOTEL Cost If You Wanted To Buy It Today?

Good question right? How much would it cost to run and own the Bates Motel? Is it in a prime location? What’s the property value? All of these things will be taken into account below. We’ll go in half with ya!

Real estate blog Movoto thought it would be fun to figure how much the iconic motel would be worth today.

After a thorough investigation (which you can read about in detail by hitting the Movoto link at the bottom of the page), their best guess is that the original Bates Motel from the Alfred Hitchcock movie would cost evil investors about $804,000 if it were placed on the market today in Blythe, California.

The hotel does only have 12 rooms and is out of the way from the main highway so the value actually makes sense.


Thanks to DreadCentral for the info.

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