TV Recap – HANNIBAL “Sorbet”

Sorry for the delay in this recap.  I was having an old friend for dinner…hee hee!


Our story begins this week with Will talking to his class about the Chesapeake Ripper.  Jack stands at the back of the class and as the slideshow finishes with a picture of Miriam and lastly her severed arm Jack’s face is both grief and guilt stricken.  Next we see an extreme close up of an opera singer’s vocal chords.  Hannibal closes his eyes to enjoy her singing and when he opens them there are tears.  He notices a chunky man sitting a few rows behind him that is trying to get his attention.  He ignores him and I had the feeling that this man could become dinner.  I was wrong.  While Hannibal chats up an annoying woman who begs him to cook for her again the chunky man intrudes on their conversation.  He is accompanied by his friend Tobias, a tall slender black man.  It turns out that this man is named Franklin and he is Dr. Lecter’s patient.

Bravo!  I wonder what her vocal chords would taste like...

Bravo! I wonder what her vocal chords would taste like…

Jack gets a call regarding the first victim of the episode.  He picks Will up and fills him in on the details.  Jack wants to know if Will thinks that it is the Ripper’s handiwork.  He tells Jack not to let the Ripper stir him up and the reason he left Miriam’s arm behind was to poke him with it.  The victim was found in a bathtub with his kidney removed.  Sounds like that old urban legend doesn’t it?  The layout of the bathroom is reminiscent of Room 237 in THE SHINING.  As Will does his thing he deduces that the victim tore his own sutures out after waking up violently from anesthetic.  The other cut to the abdomen was made in order to separate the ribs to perform internal cardiac massage.  In other words the killer was trying to save the victim.  He says the Ripper isn’t the perp but a med student attempting back-door surgery that went bad.

Franklin arrives for his weekly appointment with Hannibal.  The good doctor wants to know why he was at the opera and trying so desperately to get and keep his attention.  Franklin replies that he just wants to be friends with him.  Awww how sweet.  Then he starts rambling about how he listened to Michael Jackson last night and thinks that if he could have been his friend he could have saved Michael from himself.  Oh my!  Afterwards Hannibal has an appointment with his psychiatrist.  Played by the lovely Gillian Anderson.  She still looks great!  She tells him that when she talks to him she only gets a piece of him and that he has a very nicely tailored people suit that he wears.  Hannibal has essentially turned into Franklin in a sense.  He asks if the doctor is his friend and she replies that she is his psychiatrist and colleague but not his friend.  He later tells Will that he has been seeing her since he became a psychiatrist.  He asks about the latest victim and theorizes that perhaps there is more than one ripper.

We see Hannibal having his blood drawn by a somewhat hostile man.  He threatens him about his insurance not covering something and Hannibal asks for his business card.  Then we see Hannibal going through his recipe box with beautifully handwritten cards.  He flips through his enormous rolodex and selects the mans card.  A car has broken down on the side of the road.  It is the man from the business card.  Who shows up to help out?  Why Hannibal of course!  Later back at the lab we see the man has been bifurcated.  He was found on a school bus sitting across from himself.  His kidney and heart have been removed.  This scene goes back and forth from the lab to Hannibal slicing a kidney, stuffing a heart with herbs, wrapping it in bacon and putting it in a roasting pan with some vegetables.  Delicious!  His sous chef for the evening is none other than Alana Bloom.  He asks her if she ever profiled the ripper and she says the last time she really talked about him was with Jack’s protégé Miriam.  She also says that Jack is now extremely obsessed with the ripper.

Jack has a vision in the morgue.  He sees Will sit up from an examination table.  He has a Y-incision and is missing his arm…just like poor Miriam.  Hannibal is seen selecting a recipe and then a victim again and again.  One of the funnier choices involves a recipe for brain and he chooses an IT technician.  We see him prepping liver, lungs and a brain that he carefully wraps.  I think someone’s about to have a dinner party.  As the team looks over Hannibal’s victims they are still convinced that this is some sort of organ harvesting.  Friendly Franklin comes for his next appointment and now he wants to talk about their shared love of…cheese.  This nut is grasping at straws.  Hannibal asks if Franklin has sexual feelings for his friend Tobias that accompanied him to the opera.  He says that’s not his “brand”.  This man is beyond strange.

"Not so fun having freaky visions is it Jack?"

“Not so fun having freaky visions is it Jack?”

After the fromage session Hannibal goes to ask Will why he missed his appointment.  Hannibal tells will that the ripper takes the victims’ organs away because they do not deserve them.  In Jack’s office Beverly shows him footage of a private ambulance and says that it would be a very convenient place to perform surgery.  The team goes to the garage where the ambulances are held and surprise of surprises the one in question is missing, along with the driver.  The driver as it turns out had recently took the MCAT.  Beverly is able to trace the ambulance and a small SWAT team, Jack, Will and Hannibal hunt it down.  The swat team opens the door and Jack points a shotgun in his face and tells him to put his hands up.  Unfortunately he cannot because his hands are wrist deep inside of his “patient”.  Hannibal gloves up so the suspect can get out.

Will brings a bottle of wine to Hannibal and he asks him to please stay for dinner, Will declines.  Hannibal asks how the victim turned out.  Will tells him that he saved his life.  He asks why Hannibal stopped being a surgeon and Hannibal says it’s because he killed someone.  Hannibal says the ambulance surgeon is definitely not the ripper…no shit Sherlock.   He says Jack must be devastated with a sly gleam in his eyes.  Will goes on his merry way and a group of people from the opera applaud Hannibal’s feast.  He warns them that nothing on the menu is vegetarian.  Hee hee.

"You would not believe how hard it is to find quality meat in this town!"

“You would not believe how hard it is to find quality meat in this town!”

This episode had a bit of dark humor which I really enjoyed.  Hopefully next week we will see more of Gillian Anderson as Hannibal’s psychiatrist.  You can watch this episode On Demand and don’t forget to watch the new episode next Thursday on NBC.  If you live in Utah you can catch this episode tonight on CW at 12:00 AM.  Thanks for reading!

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