UK DVD Release Of SUMMER SCARS on May 6th

OK, so we’re a little late in bringing this news up but high props for this film.  Outstanding work and a very talented Welsh cast.  Soda Pictures has announced the UK DVD re-release of Julian Richards’ BAFTA winning hostage thriller SUMMER SCARS with a street day of May 6th 2013.  Read on for the details.

SUMMER SCARS tells the story of a gang of delinquents who ditch school to hang out in the woods where some hot rodding on a stolen moped changes the fate of their day. They crash into Peter, an ex-army loner, who is delighted to have some company. First he gains their trust by joining in their games, but then his behaviour begins to change. Peter uses what he has learned about the kids against them, bullying the aplha boys, belittling the weaker ones and saving his worst for the only girl of the group. As events spiral out of control the youths resort to extreme measures in order to survive the ordeal.

SUMMER SCARS re-unites Richards with lead actor Kevin Howarth, the dynamic director/actor team behind cult sensation THE LAST HORROR MOVIE. Richards has since directed Hollywood thriller SHIVER starring Danielle Harris, John Jarratt and Casper Van Dien whilst Howarth has starred alongside Wesley Snipes in GALLOWWALKER and Sean Petwee in THE SEASONING HOUSE.

SUMMER SCARS is the writing debut of Barry roofer Al Wilson who recieved a Welsh BAFTA award for his screenplay. The cast of young Welsh actors include Ciaran Joyce, Amy Harvey, Jonathan Jones, Chris Conway, Ryan Conway and Darren Evans who has since appeared inSUBMARINE and HUNKY DORY.

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