Toys: Even Mother Would Approve Of These New PSYCHO Inspired LIVING DEAD DOLLS

The Bates family has never been more popular and now you can take them home with you thanks to Mezco and the Living Dead Dolls. Check out the figures and info below.

From the Press Release
Don’t tell Mother, but Mezco has a secret….Psycho’s Norman Bates as Mother and Marion are the latest addition to the Living Dead Dolls Presents series.

Nominated for a quartet of Academy Awards, the psychological thriller Psycho changed not only the world of horror but how movies are marketed as well. The “shower scene” has become iconic in pop culture and is often regarded as one of the most terrifying scenes ever filmed.

Norman Bates as Mother will come with a removable wig, and, just as he did in the film, Norman is wearing pants underneath Mother’s dress. As would be expected, a knife is included.

Marion comes complete with a hotel towel embroidered with the infamous Bates Motel logo.

“To be able to transform these iconic characters into Living Dead Dolls is both a thrill and an honor” reported various members of Mezco’s award-winning design team, “We’ve watched the film hundreds of times, studied stills, and looked at the artifacts in Universal’s archives. We’re confident Hitchcock himself would be pleased with the final result!”

Each doll is individually packaged in its own window box featuring art from the award-winning film.

Living Dead Dolls Presents Psycho checks in October 2013…make your reservation today!

Living Dead Dolls: Psycho
Living Dead Dolls: Psycho
Living Dead Dolls: Psycho

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