TV Recap – BATES MOTEL – “A Boy and His Dog”

This episode we learn a bit more about the man from number 9 and the beginnings of Norman’s taxidermy fascination!  Read on friendos…


Norman takes his little dead doggie to Emma’s dad Will.  He watches as Will prepares the poor thing to be stuffed.  He gives Norm a book for beginning taxidermists.  Later at school Emma is literally coughing up a long in a bathroom stall and overhears Bradley’s friends talking about how pathetic Norman is.  She comes out and tells them that Norm really did sleep with her.  She’s still pathetically standing up for the guy that wouldn’t even talk to her in the last episode.  Poor kid.  On the weed front the higher-ups have enlisted Dylan and his underling Remo to pick up some trimmers from Fortuna.  Remo scoffs when Dylan asks what a ‘trimmer’ is.  At the motel Norma prepares to clean room 9 where Abernathy is staying.  When she sees that he is in she says she’ll come back later but he welcomes her in.  He asks about Deputy Shelby being killed there and says that Keith Summers was running a sex slave operation.  He also rightly accuses Norma of sleeping with Shelby.

"How much is that stuffed doggie in the window?"

“How much is that stuffed doggie in the window?”

After being thoroughly freaked out by Abernathy Norma reads an article about an overpass being built in front of her precious motel.  She heads over to the sheriff’s office to talk to him.  She asks Sheriff Romero’s help to get her on the city planning committee in order to try to stop the construction.  He shoots her down saying that he doesn’t owe her anything.  Damn…one minute he is protecting her and now he’s ice cold again.  Bipolar much?  When she leaves his office she gets a call from Norman’s principal.  After Bradley confronted Norm and asked him why he told everyone that he slept with her Norm freaked and left school without permission.  Gasp!  The principal wants Norm to see the school psychiatrist and Norma insists that she will pick the doctor herself.

Remo picks Dylan up at the motel to start their road trip.  He asks if Dylan looked up what a trimmer was on the internet.  For those of you who hadn’t figured it out yet a trimmer is someone who helps harvest the crops.  Remo and Dylan go to a bar and Remo is still fuming that after twenty-three years some twenty something comes along and is his superior.  The two punch the hell out of each other and on their walk back to their rooms Dylan asks him why he doesn’t quit.  Remo simply says that there is no quitting this job.  Norman tells his mom he’s sorry about skipping school and Norma drives him back to Will’s shop to continue his project.  Norma expresses her concern to Will that this might not be such a healthy thing for her boy and Will says that a boy needs a hobby.  Couldn’t he just have a train set or build model airplanes?  I suppose not.

"I have an AP Taxidermy class off campus and don't you dare try to stop me

“I have an AP Taxidermy class off campus and don’t you dare try to stop me!”

Norma goes back to the motel alone when she sees Abernathy leaving.  She follows him to the docks.  She sees him get on a boat…I don’t know whose it is.  He searches around and leaves.  Norma begins to walk back to her car when Abernathy’s Cadillac screeches to a halt in front of her.  He creepily says, “You know what I’m looking for” and again accuses her of sleeping with Shelby.  Norma says she has no idea what he’s talking about and he says that when she does she can come to his room.  After Norm and Norma go to a private psychiatrist the good doctor asks to speak to Norma in private.  He says that he would like to see Norman alone the next time and also recommends Norma come to see him alone as well.  She storms out after he suggests that Norm and Norma may be too close and that she is controlling.  The truth hurts doesn’t it Norma?

Norma practically busts down Abernathy’s door and throws his money at him.  Make it rain Norma!  She gives him five minutes to get the hell out of dodge or she’ll call the cops.  He tells her “If you want to play we’ll play!’.  He leaves shortly after.  Back in taxidermy land Norman is putting the finishing touches on his pooch when Emma comes in and apologizes for telling Bradley’s friends about the sex.  Norman forgives her and they hug it out.  Norma is cleaning out Abernathy’s recently departed room when Dylan, Remo and the trimmers (kind of sounds like a fifties do-wop group) show up.  Dylan asks if they can rent seven rooms for two weeks.  Norma is overjoyed with the business.  She invites Dylan to dinner, just the two of them.  He agrees and she runs to the house to get changed.  She opens her bedroom door and finds a surprise on her bed.  It is Deputy Shelby’s autopsied body, complete with his badge pinned to his naked chest.  If that doesn’t make a gal lose her appetite I don’t know what will!

That’s it for this week.  There are only two episodes left so make sure to tune in next Monday night on A&E!  Thanks for reading!




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