STANFORD UNIVERSITY Students Create ZOMBIE History Course!

The students of Stanford University have developed a pretty amazing course in Zombie Anthropology and it is something of beauty. Read on for the details and an in depth look at the courses.

Elizabeth Rosen ’13 and Bri Evans ’13, leaders of the student-initiated course Zombies: Anthropology of the American Undead co-teach the course and had the following to say when talking to The Stanford Daily (University Paper) about it. “We wanted to do something you couldn’t usually take and something that you’d have fun and we’d have fun with,” Rosen said. “I don’t know the context that we first thought of it in, but we were into zombies last year, and we liked to talk about it and wanted to learn more about it.”

“The zombie is such an interesting figure because you can map its history out,” Evans emphasized.

In addition to tracing the zombie’s historical trajectory, the spring quarter class focuses on the ethnography and culture surrounding the creature. “Some people are very obsessed and have done other research with other perspectives even before taking this class at all,” she said. “And then some people, they think it’s like a survival class, putting it in a classroom setting.”ZombiesJamesRyman-550x550

For more on the interview go HERE.

Art by James Ryan.



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