THE CROW Reboot Script Already A Let Down?

As news just came our way about Luke Evans playing The Crow in a new reboot, we now find out that a script was written but, doesn’t fly too high on the “good-o-meter”. Check it out.

Our friends over at Latino Review got their hands on the script for Javier Gutierrez’s remake of The Crow, and their reaction isn’t pretty.

The original film came to us from Miramax and starred the late Brandon Lee.  In case you’re one of the ten people on the planet who haven’t seen the original, it follows a man who returns from beyond the grave to avenge his death. Simple revenge flick but at the time, it was a breath of fresh air.

Ed Pressman of Pressman Film and Kevin Misher of Misher Films are producing with Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh and Jeff Most. Dan Farah of Farah Films will executive produce with Relativity’s Tucker Tooley.

The Low Points Per Latino Review

  • Eric Draven is now a Christian police officer instead of a musician
  • Quotes Bible verses from memory
  • Casts no reflection, paints his face to reflect, wears a tuxedo
  • Has ghost powers – can walk through walls and possess people to use their bodies
  • Has Wolverine-like powers – can heal, jump far and high, etc.Look for more soon.the crow

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