5 Great Calgary Comic Con Finds

Last weekend was Calgary’s annual Comic & Entertainment Expo! There were a ton of new booths this year, with everything from web comics to jewellery! So here are 5 great horror finds I stumbled upon this year. 



Canada’s #1 magazine in horror came to visit us in Calgary for the third year in a row, and this time brought with them their new book, “Rue Morgue Magazine’s 200 Alternative Horror Films You Need To See”. In it they have everything from zombies to slashers, old to new, from foreign to American. 17 movies get a full page spotlight featuring them, including interviews with the directors about the film.

Also included are multiple top 10 lists, such as, “10 Gore Films You Need To See”, “10 Alternative Vampire Films You Need To See”, and of course, “10 So Awful They’re Amazing Horror Films You Need To See”. This is a great addition for any horror fan looking to expand their horror horizons!



Yep, you read that right. This is a movie that was filmed in Regina, Saskatchewan, and is part of a film contest with Cinecoup. This is a Canadian contest featuring diff

erent independently made movies, all vying for $1,000,000 in funding and a distribution deal with Cineplex Odeon Cinemas.

Alcoholic cop Lou Garou is investigating some shenanig

ans in the forest one night, when he is attacked by a werewolf. After that, Lou’s feeling like he’s in a permanent hangover until one full moon, when he transforms. The best part about Lou’s transformation though, (which involves his skin tearing off to reveal his new wolf self) is that his uniform stays perfectly intact, making him (You got this guys)- WOLFCOP!


If this film gets it’s funding from the contest, I think it should be added into Rue Morgue’s, “10 So Awful They’re Amazing Horror Films You Need To See”.

Check out the Wolfcop trailer here: wolfcop.com


3. Zombie Survivor


5km run? I’m not a runner, not my thing. I prefer chips!

5km with an obstacle course? Slightly more interesting, though 5km

is still a ways…

5km run, with obstacle course and ZOMBIES you have to run from and avoid?! Ok 5km could be done!!

Zombie Survivor is just that, a 5km run & course with zombies! At the start of the race you’re given 3 flags, which are your lives. You must get through the race and course while the zombies try and eat your brains (and take your flags).

Tickets are still available but selling quickly, you can buy tickets to be either a runner or a zombie, or get a combined package where you can do both. This is a one day event on July 20th, in Cochrane, Alberta. It’s a great way to get in shape while also preparing for the zombie apocalypse!

4. GRIMM FAIRY TALES by Zenescope


While I know that the Grimm Fairy Tales have been around fo

r awhile, I hadn’t looked into them until visiting their booth at the expo. For those of you who haven’t seen them before, here’s a quick rundown:

Grimm Fairy Tales started back in June 2005, and are loosely based on the original Grimm Fairy Tales. Generally each issue has 2 stories in 1, a “fairy tale” world, and the “real” world, where the stories run parallel to one another.

In the end, each character learns a life lesson (though these aren’t your after school special type situations!). Add in a little gore, violence and some scantily clad fairy tale characters, and you’ve got Grimm Fairy Tales! A great way to pay homage to the original stories (Not the Disneyfied ones).

Zenescope Website can be found Here.



Monica S Kuebler, one of the editors from Rue Morgue brings us the first book in her series about a girl named Mills Millhatten who discovers one day that she is a Bleeder- someone who’s blood sustains the Nosferatu. After being kidnapped by vampires, Mills searches for a friend in this new and dark world, trying to survive long enough to find her way out.

Bleeder was released as an online book, and gained the popularity from many fans, who, after begging for a sequel, are finally getting one. Ruler, the books sequel, will be out this September. Monica has also written a novella entitled Letters From New York, which continues the story of Mills after the end of the first book. This is more of a teen read, but coming from the mind of Ms Kuebler, it promises just as much gore and violence as an adult oriented book.

You can go HERE for any other news for Bleeder.



Stay tuned for my piece on THE WALKING DEAD panel, with Stephen Yuen and Melissa McBride!

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