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Spoiler Alert!!!  If you don’t know what “entrée” means (main course in most countries) then I don’t know what to tell you…Also I was quite concerned this week because I learned that the local Utah affiliate station was BANNING the rest of these episodes for graphic content.  Censorship at its finest right?  Thank god I have On Demand!

Our tale begins with Dr. Gideon (played by Eddie Izzard) face down in a cell bleeding from the mouth.  The guards promptly take him via stretcher to the sick ward.  Then for some strange reason the night nurse is left all alone with him.  After she prepares an IV stand she turns and surprise!  Gideon is standing right behind her.  This very much reminded me of the tale of how a nurse lost her tongue in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.   As per usual Jack, Will and Dr. Alana Bloom arrive at the asylum and they, as well as us, meet with Dr. Chilton.  Remember him from the movie?  Hannibal’s famous line, “I’m having an old friend for dinner.”  Well in this prequel he is just as big an ass as he is later on.  The gang heads to the crime scene and see the nurse propped up on many IV stands…this looks very similar to the Garrett Hobbs copycat that displayed his victims on antlers.  I think we all know who said copycat is.  Will reenacts the murder in his mind.  He envisions himself laying on a gurney where he is left alone with the nurse.  As soon as she turns her back he takes a pin that was embedded in his skin and picks the handcuffs.  He then startles the nurse as she turns back around and proceeds to gouge her eyes out with his thumbs.  Ewww!

"Don't you know who I am?!  I'm an action transvestite!"

“Don’t you know who I really am?! I’m an action transvestite!” If you haven’t seen his standup you should check it out on Netflix immediately!

A flashback shows Jack in his office when a trainee, Miriam Glass, enters.  She reminds me of Clarice Starling in two ways:  1. She’s eager to move up the ladder and 2. Jack uses her to interview a suspected killer.  Back to the future Jack waits outside Hannibal’s office.  He wants to talk about his cancer-stricken wife Bella.  Hannibal informs him that this would be a breach of doctor/patient confidentiality.  Jack angrily says that he has a right to know what is going on with his wife and says, “I can’t stop thinking about when my wife is going to die”.  Hannibal says that he can’t save her and then pointedly asks if there was anyone else that Jack tried to save and we see another flashback involving Jack and Miriam examining one of the Ripper’s victims.  Back in the lab the team examine the nurse’s body.  Will says he sees the Ripper’s handiwork but doesn’t feel him.  He thinks that Dr. Gideon’s murder of the nurse was plagiarized from the murders of the real Ripper.  Back at his home Jack gets a phone call from Miriam.  She says that she doesn’t know where she is…and then the line goes dead.  The gang tries to trace the call but Jack adamantly believes that the Ripper taped Miriam’s voice before he killed her.  Will asks if he is sure that it is a recording based on the fact that her body was never found.

Later on Jack comes up with a plan to bring the real Ripper out of the woodworks.  This plan involves Freddie Lounds.  (Sigh).  Jack proposes that if Freddie interviews Dr. Gideon and the article is publicized in such prestigious papers as the New York Times this will piss the real Rip off enough to come out of hiding.  Hannibal reads the article on his iPad and looks a bit nervous and/or pissed.  Back at the asylum Jack tells Gideon that he knows he’s not the Ripper.  Gideon says he knows he’s really there to talk about Miriam.  Jack asks that if he really did kill her why didn’t he display the body like the other victims.  Gideon cryptically replies, “What makes you think I didn’t?”  The interrogation is rudely interrupted by Jack’s cell phone, according to the caller ID it is from Home.  He answers and yet again hears Miriam’s pleading voice.  She says “I was so wrong”.  The team dusts for prints on the phone in Jack’s bedroom.  To my surprise and chagrin one of the prints is from Miriam.  Whaaaat?!

Dr. Chilton and Dr. Bloom are on a dinner date…nothing romantic about it thank god…the chef and other guest is none other than Dr. Lecter.  Their entrée…get it?…is tongue.  Chilton states that he is positive that Gideon is the Ripper.  Dr. Bloom….not so much.  Bloom asks if Chilton was “psychically driving” Gideon.  Basically meaning that Chilton described the Ripper’s crimes and goaded Gideon into believing that he committed the acts.  Hannibal interrupts this debate and asks Chilton for help in the kitchen.  Out of earshot of Bloom Hannibal encourages Chilton to psychically drive Gideon because he is much more lenient about this practice than Dr. Bloom.  Later Jack, Will and Bloom stand outside an observatory when Jack gets another call on his cell.  They all hear another phone ringing inside the observatory and as they investigate they find a severed arm holding a phone.  There is a card next to the limb that says “What do you see?”.  Which is exactly what Jack asked Miriam two years ago regarding the Ripper case.  Our last flashback involves Miriam standing outside Dr. Lecter’s office.  She asks him if he remembers an old patient and Hannibal says that although he doesn’t remember everyone he would be more than happy to grab his old journals so she can take a look at them.  While he is retrieving them (this scene reminded me of Will Graham coming to the realization that Hannibal was the man he was looking for all along in RED DRAGON) she sees some drawings on Hannibal’s desk.  The second one depicts a victim being impaled/displayed on various metal poles.  Hannibal creeps up behind her and strangles her.  I guess that’s what she gets for getting too close to the truth.  This episode jumped between the present and flashbacks so many times that I almost became dizzy.  It was interesting to get a bit of back-story on Jack though.  It was quite satisfying to see the seeds planted for another trainee in the future…I believe you know her name.  Next week I am pleased to say that Gillian Anderson will be the guest star.  As always thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts!  Catch the new episode next Thursday on NBC (unless you’re in Utah in which case you’ll have to catch it On Demand or on iTunes.

"Damn it!  Even if I chop my forearm off I still can't get decent reception in this stupid observatory!"

“Damn it! Even if I chop my forearm off I still can’t get decent reception in this stupid observatory!”

ted last week we have the pleasure of seeing Eddie Izzard in this episode.  He may or may not be the Chesapeake Ripper…read on friendos!

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