TV Recap – BATES MOTEL “The Man in Number 9”

This week wasn’t as heart pounding as the last…but we do learn some very interesting things.  Read on kiddies!

Sheriff Romero walks slowly up the steps and takes Dylan’s gun.  He looks like he’s about to cry.  He goes to Shelby’s body and turns it over.  Ever hear of evidence tampering sheriff?  I guess it doesn’t really matter in this freaky town though.  I thought he was going to arrest everyone seeing as how he’s been such a hard ass before but he calmly sits on the Bates’ couch and tells them what their “story” is going to be.  Really?!  You think you know someone and then Bam!  The story went something like this.  Romero had suspected Shelby of corruption and that Shelby had killed Keith Summers.  While investigating all this Romero happens to be on the scene during the confrontation with Norma, Norman and Dylan…and he is the one who killed Shelby.  Oh my.  After he leaves Dylan is pissed.  All that hard work for nothing!  Norma and Normie are thrilled and hug it out.  Later Norman is getting frisky with Bradley again…in his room!  The door opens and as Norma barges in Norman pulls the sheets back.  It was all an illusion!  He’s all alone in that bed.  Norm goes outside to fix some lattice and finds a mangy mutt.  I thought for sure he was going to hammer it to death when he coaxed it to come out.

"I'll have you know that I'm quite a gifted story teller."

“I’ll have you know that I’m quite a gifted story teller.”

The motel is opening in seven days.  Norma cooks Dylan a nice “thanks for shooting my crazy boyfriend” breakfast and Dylan ruins the mood by saying that he is still moving out.  They fight over who will take out the garbage, Dylan wins.  He heads for the dumpster and catches a man in a Cadillac staring at the motel.  The man asks where Keith Summers is.  When he hears he’s dead the man thanks Dylan and goes on his merry way.  That night as Norma is about to close the office she sees a man trying to use an old room key to open room 9.  It is the man that Dylan talked to earlier.  He introduces himself as Jake Abernathy (wickedly played by Jere Burns) and says he had a standing reservation with Keith Summers to rent this room for the first week of every other month.  Interesting.  Norma is so thrilled to have a guest that she doesn’t get his info so Dylan heads out to get it.  Abernathy will barely hand over his driver’s license.  When asked for a credit card he pulls out a large stack of hundreds, hands a few to Dylan and says that should cover it.

Norman and Dylan are in town to get supplies when little Normie tells his big bro he won’t be moving in with him.  He can’t leave mother.  Bradley shows up and I’m willing to bet that she’s going to hook up with Dylan in the near future.  Jail bait!  Emma shows up for a visit later but Norm won’t come down to see her.  She’s tearfully leaving when Norma feels bad and asks her to go curtain shopping with her.  She asks Emma about Bradley.  Then like two creepy ex-girlfriends they go to spy on her while she’s at yoga class.  Norma even imagines Bradley and Norm having sex.  Creeptacular!  That evening Norman’s furry friend shows up again and it eats out of his hand.  Mother yells at him but he uses the old can I keep her mommy pretty please line and she relents.  The duo also have a sex talk and mom tells Norm to use protection and that he shouldn’t even be sleeping with Bradley in the first place.  After Norman professes his like for her Norma brings up that she has hired Emma to work at the motel.  Little Normie gets pissed and says she’s trying to pick his girlfriends for him now.  He storms off to Bradley’s house.

Norman tells her how he feels about her and that he knows she feels the same way.  Poor delusional Norman.  Bradley bursts his bubble saying she does not feel that way and that she “never should have done it with someone like you”.  Ouch.  Norm heads back home and starts getting that crazed look in his eyes again.  He is repeating things that mom said during their talk.  Bradley runs to catch up to him and I thought she was a goner.  As soon as she hugged Norm and apologized he seemed to calm down, lucky for her.  Back at the office Abernathy asks if he can keep the same business arrangement that he had with Keith, the arrangement being that he wants to rent the whole block of rooms for the first week of every other month.  He will pay in cash and require no housekeeping during his stay.  As long as it’s not illegal Norma readily agrees, it’s not like anyone’s beating down their door to stay at the Shelby murder motel.  Across the street from the motel Norm sees his new doggie and calls it across the street.  At least he has the dog…and then it gets hit by a car.   Norman wants to take the poor dead dog to Emma’s dad so he can fix it.  Does he mean get it stuffed?  I believe so.  Norma agrees to drive him.  We end this episode with Norman telling mommy that she was right, right about everything.  That must warm a mother’s heart.

"Norman I really hate to ask at a time like this...but could I get your brother's number?"

“Norman I really hate to ask at a time like this…but could I get your brother’s number?”

Don’t forget to watch next week’s new episode Monday night on A&E.  Thanks for reading friendos!

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