The Top 10 GORIEST Scenes In Sci- Fi

Some would say Sci-Fi and gore don’t really go well together. To those people we say HA! Horror’s closest cousin is Sci-Fi, with the lines between tending to overlap quite a bit. Science Fiction is home to some of the most splatter filled fun any gore hound could want and we take a look at those top 10 moments below. Dig it!


Many of the sequences below are among the most transcendent in all of cinema, in or outside the genre. Now let us delve, elbow deep, into the putrid stench that is our favorite Sci-Fi moments. (Again this is our list and you are more than welcome to agree or disagree with our choices. Please feel free to comment what you think as well.)



emil robocopWhen villain Emil Antonowsky (Paul McCrane) bit the bullet, it was one of the best gore scenes in director Paul Verhoeven’s career.  In the final reel, Emil shows up with the rest of Clarence Boddicker’s crew in tow to face off against Murphy (Peter Weller) and his partner Lewis (Nancy Allen) who are hiding out in a steel mill. Emil makes the mistake of driving his truck into a vat of toxic waste. As he is washed out the back doors, we see Emil slowly turn into a writhing pile of goo, melting, screaming, and smoking pile of flesh. Then, to add insult to injury, Emil is hit by Boddicker’s speeding 6000 SUX and literally explodes all over the hood and windshield. What a way to go. Clean up in aisle six!





billy-predator-knife-cut_12034694471After we’re introduced to seven of the most bad-ass hombres on the planet, Predator then proceeds to hack them all into little bits for his trophy collection. Billy (Sonny Landham)is one, if not the toughest of the whole lot, a Native American who “Ain’t afraid of No man.” When the showdown finally happens between Billy and the Predator, we are left to wonder what horrific acts the Predator is doing to him as his screams echo throughout the jungle. Stan Winston is to thanks for what we see next. Billy’s spine and skull are literally ripped out of his lifeless corpse, steam cleaned, and set for display high a top the jungle floor. This is one way you can go out by the best game hunter in the universe.




d.j.You may have felt a bit cheated by not seeing what exactly happened to Jason Isaac’s character D.J. in Paul W. Anderson’s Event Horizon, but the gory aftermath was a sight to see. When the crew of the Lewis & Clark are sent to investigate the sudden reappearance of the lost deep space vessel Event Horizon, shit goes south real quick. All hell breaks loose…literally. We find Captain Miller (Laurence Fisburne) rushing to the medical bay to see what happened to D.J. and encountering what best could be described as a scene straight out of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. D.J. is totally eviscerated, splayed open above an operating table and all of his innards are now out-ards. This flick has multiple points of gore to enjoy but this is probably the most memorable.




st goreMankind threaten by hug bugs you say? Call in the troops!  Paul Verhoeven makes our list again, proving his devotion to gore by giving us more splatter scenes then a Vietnam War documentary. The outmatched troopers really get the fire turned up on them when they encounter the bugs up close and personal; the arachnid threat starts tearing the troops apart limb from limb, quite literally in one scene. Did we forget to mention the exploding heads, flying limbs, and a head that has been sucked dry of its brain like a kid sucking down a milk shake.  We are hard pressed to pick a single gore scene in Starshhip Troopers but be rest assured, they are a plenty to choose from and you need to see this film if you have not.




bad taste brain eatingNo one can call themselves a true gorehound in our book unless you are familiar with Peter Jackson’s first film, Bad Taste. Aliens invade the small town of Kaihoro, New Zealand with the intent of turning the locals into fast food. Only “The Astro Investigation and Defense Services” crew can make sure that this doesn’t happen. Gore is delivered by the bucket load by Jackson, but our favorite gore scene has to be involving Barry (Pete O’ Herne) blasting an alien’s head in half, followed by another alien (played by Jackson himself) having his left over brains for a snack. He scoops them out with a spoon. Cereal anyone?




5. THE FLY (1986)
brundle fly vomitDavid Cronenberg is a master film maker and when he took a stab at Kurt Neuman’s 50s sci-fi classic, The Fly, it ended up being a huge success for the director. This is extremely impressive since Cronenberg still employed his “body horror” themes in the film. As Jeff Goldblum’s character, Seth Brundle turns into the disgusting “BrundleFly”, he also gains some of the fly’s…less attractive qualities including his eating habits. When villain Stathis Boran (John Getz) confronts the “BrundleFly” creature, the creature pukes all over his hand  and we behold the gory aftermath of melting flesh. Oh but the misery does not stop there for poor Stathis; as he falls to the ground, Brundle follows up his assault with more corrosive vomit, this time on his ankle, melting his foot right off his leg.  Chris Walas was the man behind these sickening effects and won best makeup at the Academy Awards that same year.



Fm639-The-Incredible-Melting-ManThis film is gore by the ton with every effect being more disturbing than the last. The special effects were done by Rick Baker, who remains remiss about his participation in the film. The story revolves around an astronaut who is transformed into a hideous gelatinous mass after returning from an ill-fated space voyage. To pull off some of the effects, Rick Baker made molds of actor Alex Rebar’s head a few sizes to big so that goo and other jelly’s could be applied to it. The substance would have to be re-applied for every take. All in all, this film is a must watch.




3. THE THING (1982)
the thing norris monsterAll horror fans love John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing. The film remains a wonder to behold and the effects work by Rob Bottin were unbeatable. He mesmerized us with contorted pieces of flesh and bone to make masterpieces out of them that haunt our memories to this day. When Doc Cooper (Richard Dysart) attempts to revive Norris (Charles Hallahan) with a defibrillator, Norris’ chest violently and suddenly springs open with ragged teeth and chomps on Cooper’s arms as he rips them free. MacReady (Kurt Russell) jumps into action and torches the Norris thing, the head then detaches, grows some crazy ass spider legs and tries to make a run for it.

In the immortal words of Palmer (David Clennon), “You gota be fucking kidding me.”





alien-chest-bursterThe birth of the Xenomorph in Ridley Scott’s Alien is easily one of the most disturbing and recognizable gore scenes in ANY genre.  As the crew of the Nostromo sit down to welcome back a revived Kane ( John Hurt) from hos bad encounter sucking face with a facehugger Alien, we are shocked as Kane begins to go into convulsions and claw at his chest. Seconds later, a creature comes bursting through Kane’s chest, spraying blood all over the cast. (If you watch closely you’ll notice that all of the actors reactions of shock are real. Ridley never told them what to expect in the scene.) Poor Veronica Cartright got the worst blood spray.

No matter how many times you watch it, this scene continues to shock and disgust, a true gore moment for the ages.




Scanners_head_explode_screenshotTelepathy and Telekinesis meet when an unfortunate ConSec scanner attempts to prove to the public that being scanned is harmless. Volunteer Darryl Revok (Michael Ironside) demonstrates his supremacy with a gory act of defiance toward ConSec by exploding the scanner’s head using his telepathic powers.  This scene stands as one of the most iconic gore scenes in Sci-Fi. Dick Smith scared the crap out of us with the make up he did for The Exorcist in 73′ but he and rising FX master Chris Walas left us in a morbid state of awe by filling a prosthetic head with beef livers and blasting it from behind with a shotgun.

We all learned a valuable lesson after watching Scanners; never piss off Michael Ironside.



Honorable Mentions:


Galaxy of Terror

Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem








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