TV Recap – HANNIBAL “Coquilles”

This episode featured a kiler that will give you wings and possibly nausea…


As usual we’ll begin with our culinary vocabulary word of the night.  Coquilles are any type of seafood or chicken dish baked with a sauce and usually served in a scallop shell or a shell-shaped serving dish.  We begin with Will sleepwalking in the middle of the road.  The police show up and when they are convinced he’s not on drugs they drive him back home.  He goes to see Hannibal the morning after.  Hannibal says that sleepwalking can be a sign of violent thoughts in the mind.  He also says that he thinks Jack has manipulated him into going back in the field.  Elsewhere a man is getting ice outside his motel room when he sees a couple walking toward him and he hallucinates that their heads are on fire.  The next day Will and Jack arrive there.  Jack asks Will where his head is at and Will says, “On the pillow.  I didn’t sleep last night.”  As soon as they enter the room Will is wide awake.  The couple are kneeling on opposite ends of the bed in a prayer position.  Sounds pretty tame right?  Wrong.  The poor bastards have had their backs flayed open and the skin was hooked to the ceiling with fish wire so the skin resembles wings.  Yummy!  Will says the killer slept there as the “angels” watched over him.  He asks for a plastic sheet and lies down.  Like you do…

Jack and his wife Bella (played by Fishburne’s real-life wife Gina Torres) have dinner at Hannibal’s house.  Bella asks if she can skip the first course which happens to be foie gras, not because it’s duck liver, because it’s cruel.  Ah she’s one of those then.  Hannibal says not to worry because he employs an ethical butcher.  I see.  He gets up to pour her some more wine and smells her.  He guesses her perfume.  Back at the autopsy lab the team is discussing theories.  We learn that the female victim was alive for fifteen minutes after she was skinned.  We also learn that the killer has a brain tumor based on the contents of his vomit.  Will thinks the perp is afraid of dying in his sleep and makes angels to protect him.  Bella goes to see Hannibal, in a clinical setting this time.  She tells him that she is having an affair and that she has stage four lung cancer and the real kicker…Jack has no idea about either one.  Good lord!  She resents that Jack has so much to worry about that he has no time left to worry about her.

"So you don't like duck liver hmm?  Maybe next time we'll eat yours!"

“So you don’t like duck liver hmm? Maybe next time we’ll eat yours!”

Later Will asks Hannibal how he’s supposed to profile someone who has a brain tumor that changes the way he thinks.  Hannibal is still trying to alienate Will from Jack.  The angel maker is in Cleveland and he’s seeing more hot heads.  Time for another murder!  When Will and Jack get there they see a man suspended from scaffolding in an alley.  One of the forensic techs finds testicles on a mattress.  Will says that now the killer wants to become an angel because angels don’t have genitalia.  How does one find out about this?  The seeds Hannibal has planted in Will’s mind are starting to grow and after he makes a snide remark to Jack the two have a heated argument.  Back at the lab the team discovers that all of the victims were hardened criminals.  Is the killer a vigilante?  Will doesn’t think so, he’s just doing god’s work.  The man suspected of being the angel maker is named Elliott Budish.  His wife left him four months ago and he was diagnosed with a brain tumor five months ago.  Jack and Will talk to his wife.  She left because of the cancer.  She said he kept withdrawing himself from the family so much that she felt she had no choice.  Jack’s face says he completely relates to her situation.  In fact the more she talks, the more freaked out Jack becomes.

"Sure this may look painful, but at least my head's not on fire anymore!"

“Sure this may look painful, but at least my head’s not on fire anymore!”

Will asks her if Elliott is a religious man.  He isn’t but she remembers that he had a near-death experience when he was a kid.  He was in a fire and passed out from the smoke.  The firefighter that rescued him told him he must have a guardian angel looking out for him.  And…we have a motive!  Will and Jack go to the barn where it happened and surprise!  There’s a man suspended from the ceiling.  Will says this will be the last one…because it’s Elliott Budish.  First, very funny Will.  Second, how the hell did he do that alone?  Did he flay himself and then use his skin wings to fly up to the hooks?  Seriously?!  I need to know.  Will tells Jack that he doesn’t know how much longer he can be helpful to him and it is bad for him.  Jack gets pissy and asks how he’ll feel when he goes back to his classroom and reads about murderers he could have helped apprehend.  Nice guilt trip.  Jack leaves the barn and Will slowly turns and hallucinates that Elliott is shuffling toward him with a knife saying that he sees what Will is.  I literally screamed out loud…not expecting that.  Damn hallucinations!  That’s probably something I would see if I ever did LSD.  Jack waits outside Hannibal’s office and as Hannibal opens the door we see Bella.  Hannibal leaves the two alone to talk.  Jack asks how long she has known about the cancer, he doesn’t mention the affair.  But I guess that’s not really important now.  She says she isn’t going to do chemotherapy and Jack says that they can fight this together but that doesn’t help her.  She didn’t tell him because she thought their lives wouldn’t change and that she was surprised how much she changed.  We close with Will sitting next to Jack in his office.  Will tells him that he is there for Jack to talk to and he will stay for as long as it takes.  Awww!

Don’t miss next Thursday’s episode when one of my favorite people, Eddie Izzard, will be on.  Thanks for reading kids!

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