TFF2013: Review: FRESH MEAT (2013)

What seems like a normal prison break takes a fatal turn in this take of horror-action home invasion. Check out my review below.

freshDirector: Danny Mulheron

Cast: Temuera Morrison, Nicola Kawana, Hanna Tevita, Kate Elliott, Jack Sergeant-Shadbolt, Leand Macadaan, Ralph Hilaga, Kahn West, Will Robertson

MPAA: none


What do you get when you cross Quentin Tarantino with horror and home invasion??? FRESH MEAT. This film, from New Zealand, is oddly refreshing–adding a little zest and spice to prison breaks and home invasions we far too often see go stale. In this take, a group of accomplices break their crime boss out of a prison transfer, which ends up going sour. They run from the police, and drive into a random garage in the suburbs to hide. They take the family hostage, not knowing what skeletons are hiding in their closet (or fridge). At the same time, young Rina returns home from several years at an all-girls boarding school only to find her family has changed drastically since she last saw them. As the group of criminals invade as the family’s secrets are being exposed, both the gang and the family clash in an epic all-out battle of discovery. Without giving too much away, the movie is gorey, bloody, action-packed, full of surprises, and downright funny.

As the film being foreign, the actors are not ones that are household names but they are all FANTASTIC. Shining through all of it is Temuera Morrison, who plays the father Hemi Crane. In addition, Hanna Tevita, who played the daughter Rita, was absolutely brilliant as a girl who learns of her family’s recent activities and turns into the heroine.

The movie is very Tarantino-esque, and if you are a fan of Tarantino’s gut-wrenching, violent, and action-packed vibe, then this movie is something you’ll like. The comedy parts are pretty funny, and the gore is pretty realistic. The soundtrack is pretty bad ass too, also very Tarantino-esque.


FRESH MEAT is available on Tribeca On Demand.


Check out the trailer below:

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