TV Recap – BATES MOTEL – “The Truth”

I must admit that I was getting a tad bored with this show…but tonight they turned things up to eleven!  Read on friendos!


We begin with Norma being in shock after the sex slave identified Deputy Shelby.  She runs to her car with Norman chasing after her and before she can leave him in the dust he jumps through the open passenger window.  Norma screams, “He can’t get away with this!”  On the organized crime front Dylan tells his boss that Ethan is dead and when the boss man asks if he can identify the shooter Dylan nervously tells him that he kinda sorta ran him over.  There is an awkward silence and the man gets up and tells Dylan he is impressed.  He then instructs Dylan on how to destroy Ethan’s truck.  As he watches the truck go up in flames an older man tells him to quit admiring his work and come with him.  The man, named Remo, is pretty pissy.  Dylan promises him that even though he is young he won’t let him down while he is working for him.  Remo says, “You’re not working for me, I’m working for you dickhead.”  Good god a promotion already?!  That Dylan is a real go-getter!

Back at the motel Emma tells Norma and Norman that she wants to go to the FBI.  The mother and son duo aren’t in a rush, saying they’ll let her recover one more day and call them tomorrow.  After Emma leaves Norma says she is not calling anyone until they get the tool belt from Shelby.  Dylan walks in on this conversation and tells Norman that he will go with him to look for it on Shelby’s boat, where the sex slave was found.  He also asks Normie to move in with him and if he knows how his father really died.  Norm says it was an accident, some shelves fell on top of him.  Damn!  Those must be some heavy-ass shelves!  Dylan unscrews a storage compartment in the ceiling and the belt falls right out.  They leave without putting the screw back in and I was obviously concerned.

"Sure we can go to the motel, just not room eleven...why?  i just don't like that number."

“Sure we can go to the motel, just not room eleven…why? I just don’t like that number.”

As the boys are throwing the belt in the water Norma receives a visitor.  Shelby.  He notices that she is acting strangely as they make out on the porch.  She tells him she’s nervous that Norman will be home soon and catch them.  He has the bright idea to go into one of the motel rooms.  As they are screwing Shelby hears the sound of running water and goes to investigate.  He bangs on the door that the noise is emanating from.  The sex slave opens the door, sees Shelby and bolts for the woods.  Norma tries to stop him but he shoves her to the ground and runs for his prey.  Her two sons come back and tell her she has nothing to worry about, oh you silly boys.  Then Dylan tells her that Norman is going to move in with him and Norma freaks the hell out.  Norm asks his mom, “Did you kill my dad?”.  Before Norma can respond Shelby shows up and tells Dylan to toss his gun.  He grabs it and forces them back up to the house.  As they sit at the kitchen table Shelby paces back and forth and screams that this is all Norman’s fault as he puts a gun to his temple.

Norma pleads with him not to hurt her Normie.  He walks over and pistol-whips her.  Norman is getting a crazed look in his eyes.  As Shelby continues beating her Norman tackles him and he drops Dylan’s gun.  As Shelby rams Norman into a wall, Dylan grabs the gun and a shoot out ensues.  Dylan gets shot in the arm and when he returns fire he gets Shelby in the thigh.  Shelby can’t stand and Dylan comes up to him and pulls the trigger.  The poor bastard is out of bullets!  Unfortunately for him Shelby is not.  He is able to buy a little time thanks to Shelby’s limp.  He runs up the stairs to reload.  Norma sees her window of opportunity and helps a catatonic Norman down the stairs and into the car.  As she reaches for the ignition she screams in frustration.  She left the damn keys in her room!  Son of a bitch must pay!  As she tells Norm that they are going to walk three shots ring out.  They both sit wide-eyed in the car as someone walks out the front door.  After a few steps they can see that he is limping.  Oh god!  Shelby hobbles down the stairs and when he gets close enough we see that he has a hole where his eye used to be and two shots in his chest.  He slowly raises his gun…and drops dead before he can get a shot off.  Whoo what a rush!  Am I right?


"Norman I think you're a little old for mommy to wake the hell up!"

“Norman I think you’re a little old for mommy to carry…so wake the hell up!”


Dylan comes to them and makes sure that Shelby is down for the count.  Clever boy.  Norma tells him that she called the police and doesn’t know what to tell them.  He tells her that they will simply tell the truth and nothing but.  Norma tells him that he doesn’t know the whole truth as she looks at Norman still sitting in the car, with that glazed look in his eyes.  Flashback time!  We go back in time to see Norma fighting with Norman’s father Sam.  He begins slapping her around and Norm is in the kitchen blending something up.  He hears the commotion and the crazed look is back…or there for the first time if you think about it.  He dumps the mixture out and bashes his dad in the head with it.  Sam drops and begins to bleed profusely.  Norma grabs a pillow so he doesn’t leave a mark.  Norman is catatonic so she puts him in his room.  She drags the body to the garage and tips the shelves onto him.  Norman snaps out of his coma, like in the first episode and finds his daddy dead.  He bangs on the bathroom door where Norma was showering and takes her to the body.  Yeah she’s already seen that Norman, you crazy bastard.  She holds him as he sobs.  End of flashback!  Norma tells Dylan that he can either help her or get out of her way.  And then the police arrive!

Whew what a roller coaster!  Don’t forget to tune in next Monday on A&E to see what happens next.  Feel free to comment your thoughts on this episode.  Thanks for reading!

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