First Details Arrive For ‘Based on True Story” Film, SKINWALKER RANCH

Skinwalker Ranch is in post production and we are told it is based off a true story. Doesn’t that just add a “oh shit!” to the whole film. When ya here that phrase everyone gets excited/scared and we think it’s wonderful. Read on for the details.



Skinwalker Ranch stars Jon Gries, Kyle Davis, Erin Cahill, Devin McGinn and Matt Rocheleau.

Plot Crunch:

In the film, a scientific research team investigates and documents the supernatural events surrounding the disappearance of a cattle ranchers 10-year-old son.  

According to the film’s sales team, this tale is “based on the true story of ‘Skinwalker Ranch’ which shocked the paranormal community around the world.”

McGinn – who previously scripted The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu – is working from a script by Adam Ohler.


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