Jamie Bomber cast in JOHN DOE, Poster and Trailer Revealed

Jamie Bomber(Battlestar Gallactica) is no stranger to the strange so when we got word she was cast in the new film John Doe we weren’t surprised in the least. We have the poster and trailer for you to dig below.

john-doeThe film is directed by Kelly Dolen(The Gate’s of Hell).

Plot Crunch:

The Justice system has gone mad, perpetrators have more rights than victims, and repeat offenders continually slip between the cracks. It’s wrong, and it needs to change. One man sacrificed himself to transform society, he forced us to become a community, he compelled us to stand up and protect one another from violent crime. How did he do it? He killed people, lots of people…

This one looks to be a good popcorn flick and we will be sure to check it out and let you know what we think.



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