Music: Director Adam Barnick brings classic HORROR to the Rivulets “How, Who.” in new video

We have known director Adam Barnick for quite sometime. He recently dropped us a line about the new music video he directed for the band the Rivulets. The video has a classic horror feel and of course we approve. Read on for the details.

About the Band
“Who? Singer-songwriter Nathan Amundson, joined by members of Low, Magnetic Fields, and Puritan. Sounds like? Dark, sparse folk music played on acoustic guitar and an assortment of other instruments (ukulele, xylophone, toy piano and more). How is it? Quietly effective and moving. The subtleties may be lost on first listen, but close examination will be rewarded handsomely.” – Alternative Press, 2002

Nathan Amundson – guitar, voice, piano, optigan, drums
Jay Kroehler – bass, effects, xylophone, cymbals
Mimi Parker – voice and percussion on Barreling…
Alan Sparhawk – voice, baritone guitar, shaker
LD Beghtol – ukulele, shruti box


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