TV Recap – HANNIBAL – “Potage”

It’s that time again friendos…another fabulous episode and our vocabulary word of the week!


First things first, potage is a French term for thick soup.  I’m sure Dr. Lecter has some great recipes for that.  We start with Abigail having a coma dream.  She is hunting deer with her father.  She kills Bambi and they take it back to their cabin.  Abby has a guilty conscience but her dad tells her that they will use every part of the animal so it’s not murder.  As she puts her hand on the pelt to gut the animal it turns into a dead girl’s hair.  Bam!  That shocks her right out of her coma.  Jack wants Will to go see her but Alana insists that she go instead.  She seems relatively calm for a gal whose father sliced her throat open and killed eight girls that look just like her.  She tells Alana that she wants to sell the house and use the money for college.  I think she’s going to need that money for therapy, but that’s just me.

"You gutted your first deer honey!  Why the long face?"

“You gutted your first deer honey! Why the long face?”

Abby’s next visitor is the vulture Freddie Lounds.  She wants to “help” her, by writing a tell-all story for her tabloid.  She starts telling Abby what a psycho Will is and he and Hannibal walk in behind her.  Oops!  Will and Abby have a strange connection and Hannibal is watching them with his cold dark eyes.  When they leave Freddie confronts Will again.  Will tells her, “It isn’t very smart to piss off a guy who thinks about killing people for a living.”  Truer words were never spoken.  The next day Jack is pissed himself because Freddie used that quote in a scathing article about Will.  While Will and Hannibal get a lecture from Jack Freddie is busy stirring the potage.  She tracks down the ninth copy-cat victim’s brother.  Remember the one found in the woods propped up on the antlers?  How could you forget?  She lets him know that Abby is awake.  God I hate this woman.

Will, Hannibal and Alana take Abby home.  The word “cannibals” is spray painted on the doors.   Abby tells them that they’ll never find the bodies because her dad would honor every part of them, just like a deer.  Abby’s friend stops by and the two head outside to chat when Nicholas (ninth victim’s brother) shows up and starts screaming at her.  Abby’s gal pal throws a rock and hits him in the forehead.  Problem solved for now.  The next day the gang go to Abby’s dad’s cabin.  Abby asks if daddy was feeding the victims to her and her mother and Hannibal says that’s a good possibility.  Girl, it’s what’s for dinner.  While digesting that thought, pun intended, blood drips onto Abby’s forehead.  Will runs up the stairs and finds a naked girl propped up on antlers, just like the copy cat victim.  As he lifts her head Abby screams.  It is her rock throwing friend.  Hannibal tells the gang that Nicholas did this…sure he did Hanny, sure he did.

Hannibal and Alana takes Abby back to the house to pack up her things.  Hannibal and Alana catch Freddie sneaking around on the wrong side of the police line.  Abby is sitting alone in the living room when she has a hunch.  She grabs a hunting knife and slices open a leather pillow.  Guess what the stuffing is?  It’s human hair!  Ewww!  She looks up and sees Nicholas again.  He corners her and she stabs him.  As Alana calls her name Hannibal sees her coming toward him with blood all over her hands.  He grabs Alana and rams her head into the wall.  He was quite the gentleman though, he helped her to the ground.  I love a man with manners.  Hannibal says she will be fine and he wants her to tell him what happened.  He gives her two options:  Be convicted of gutting a man or we can hide the body.  I have one question here…how the hell did all of this go on with the police swarming around outside?  I know Hannibal’s a genius but to hide a man’s body and come up with a very plausible alibi for himself and Abby is a bit of a stretch.  But the episode was so good I’m willing to look past that.

"Finally we have something in common!  No more awkward silences!"

“Finally we have something in common! No more awkward silences!”

In the last scene we learn that Abby is a clever girl as well.  She has escaped from the hospital and gone to Hannibal’s office.  I want that damn office!  It is awesome!  Anyhoo she tells Hannibal that she knows he’s glad she killed Nicholas.  She also knows that he was the one that called her dad right before he got all slashy.  They stare each other down for a moment and then say that they will keep each other’s secret.  If you missed this fantastic episode, you shouldn’t have read this, sorry…also you can watch it On Demand and watch the new episode next Thursday on NBC.  Thanks for reading kids!

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