Penelope Mitchell Chats About CURSE OF DOWNER’S GROVE

You can see Penelope Mitchell in Hemlock Grove and the new film Curse of Downer’s Grove and she recently spoke about the latter. Read on for the details.

penelopeCurse of Downer’s Grove directed by Derick Martini – concerns a small midwestern town gripped by a curse that claims the life of one high school senior every year. Chrissie Swanson (Bela Heathcote) fears she is the next victim of The Curse of Downers Grove.

  STYDNews spoke to Mitchell recently who gave us an update on the film.

“It’s been really fun and great working with Derrick, he’s a wonderful artist who’s so clear in his vision.  It’s going to be a great film that’s wonderfully written,” Mitchell told us.  “The central character has some amazing existential reflections on American culture.  Being an Australian, I know it sounds silly, it was very interesting for me to get into the mentality of an [American] teenager.  It’s very reflective and very interesting.”

Kevin Zegers and Lucas Till also star in the film.

Expect more as it develops.

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