TV Recap: BATES MOTEL – “Ocean View”

Last week’s episode was a bit slow for my taste, but this new episode more than made up for it!  Read on to see what’s what!


Last week we left our little Normie in bed with Bradley.  The morning after he dressed quietly and left.  He struts back to the house and Dylan tells him that mom is in the clinker.  Buzz kill!  Norma’s two sons go to visit her and discuss her bail options…the only one being the deed to the motel.  She screams at them to leave.  Emma meets Norman back at the motel, where he finds said deed.  He also informs her about the girl from the book that he found in Deputy Shelby’s basement.  Emma freaks out and Normie tells her that they will deal with the girl when he knows his mom is safe.  She then drives him to the bail bondsman to get momma out.  Meantime Dylan asks his coworker Ethan if their bosses would loan him five thousand dollars to move out of the Bates house.  Ethan laughs it off and tells him he wouldn’t want to borrow money from the bosses because of what would happen if he couldn’t pay it back.

The next day Norman waits for his mother outside the jail with her purse and a bouquet for her.  She is still pissed.  They visit an attorney but Norma walks out again screaming about her innocence.  On the drive home Norma brings up the fact that the night she was arrested Norman was out getting laid.  This all sounds disturbingly like a lovers quarrel.  Creeptakular.  She drags Norm out of the car and drives off.  After walking for a bit Dylan pulls up on his trusty motorcycle to  give him a lift.  Back at the house Dylan tells Norman that he should walk away from mother and move into a new place with him.  Later on Dylan hops into Ethan’s old SUV…and Ethan hands him a sack full of money.  Five thousand to be precise.  Dylan is shocked that his bosses would actually give it to him and Ethan explains that it is his own personal money and he knows Dylan is good for it.  A strung-out junkie walks toward Ethan’s car and from their conversation I deduced that he owes the bosses some money.  Next thing you know BAM! The junkie shoots Ethan in the neck.  Dylan runs to the drivers side, pushes Ethan over and rushes him to the hospital.


“Hey brother can you spare a ride?”

Norma meets with Deputy Shelby and he tells her “I love you, you idiot!”.  How sweet.  Norma buys it, I don’t.  As if to challenge my feelings Shelby goes back to the station and distracts the dispatcher long enough to tamper with the dreaded “watch with carpet fiber” evidence.  Elsewhere Dylan is driving Ethan’s vehicle and happens upon the trigger-happy junkie.  He proceeds to run his ass over.  Vigilante justice at its best.  The next day Norma gets a call from the attorney she visited and she has good news.  Apparently the police have “lost” the incriminating evidence against her and the case will probably be thrown out.  Norma is elated!  Norman is suspicious.  He asks his mother what she thinks Deputy Shelby will make her do now.

After the tiff with his mommy Norm storms out of the house to see poor lovesick Emma pulling up.  She’s been doing some sleuthing and has found out that Keith Summers (Norma’s “victim”) owned a boat.  Emma asks the very important question, “If I had an Asian sex slave where would I hide her?”  Damn good question Emma!  While they are breaking and entering a dead man’s boat Norm tells Emma that he slept with Bradley.  She pointedly asks, “Did she change her relationship status?  Hook up!”  Good for you Emma, just don’t get your sickly heart broken.  In the basement of the ship…I have no idea what it’s called so don’t judge me! They open a closet and Whammo!  Out pops the Asian sex slave.    The three head back to one of the motel rooms and Norma, who happens to be in the office, bursts in on them.  Norm tells her that it’s the girl from Shelby’s basement and she doesn’t believe him.  She goes back to the office and grabs a newspaper with Shelby’s picture on it and when she shows it to the girl she realizes that the poor girl is telling the truth.

Well kids, that’s where we leave our cast of characters for the week.  Let me know how you liked this episode and don’t forget to watch next Monday night on A&E.  As always thanks for reading friendos!

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