MONSTERPALOOZA 2013: Event Report & Photo Gallery

It was a gloomy and very windy weekend, perfect weather for what is becoming the best horror get together in, not only California, but possibly the United States. Of course we refer to Monsterpalooza. Read on for all the goods.

Monsterpalooza is our(for lack of a better word) San Diego Comic-Con. Every year we save and scrape to get enough money together for what can arguably be called, “Horror Mecca”. The event returned to Burbank and we were very familiar with the floor plan so we knew where to get all the info from celebs and artists. We talked to so many great people and fans.

First we ran into John Murdy of Universal Studios. John is the creative director for their annual Halloween Horror Nights event. Over the past four years it has been a pleasure to get to know John and we talk often about music and horror films. I asked John about the announcement he was going to make later on in the convention about this years HHN event. “We’re going to announce a contest that lets FANS create a monster for HHN. Their creation will be made and featured in this years event.” This is going to be a great treat for all you fiends out there who have artistic ability(we can’t even draw water). For all the details and how to get tickets for the event, go HERE.

As we made our way through the con we saw many people dressed up in their finest horror related shirts, sweaters,pants,and hair. All shapes and sizes were present and the age barrier was completely non existent. It was nice. We met some really come film makers who made a zombie romp called Dead Kansas(Trailer and Info) and we hope to talk to them later on about it’s progress and fan reaction.

The Chiodo Bros. were in full force as usual with their awesome Killer Klowns From Outer Space set up. This year you could have a green screen photo taken of you put into your favorite horror film scene. Many lined up for this and it was a fun way to give folks a souvenir. Makeup effects master Tom Savini was present and we chatted about Dusk Till Dawn a bit and his school. No news really, just chit chat. One event that was taking place was a Monster Squad reunion panel. This was a great way to see some of the films stars answer deep and really interesting question about the film. Sadly, it was filled when we arrived and we couldn’t attend.

Dealers were everywhere selling old and new horror dvds, blu-rays, toys,posters, and more. Special EFX companies such as Stan Winston Studios, The Art Institute, and others were all in attendance. Many new and upcoming artists. There was even a huge live demonstration of a full body makeup presentation and demo.

We could go on and on about who we met and chatted with but you came here to see some pictures(I know I went to take them) so here we go, enjoy.

Dummy Monsterpalooza

Do You Know The Legend of Mary Shaw?

Jack Monsterpalooza

All Work And No Play…

Orca Crew Jaws

The should have got a bigger boat.

Prometheus Monsterpalooza

The Engineer From Prometheus

Splitting Headache Monsterpalooza

Talk About A “Splitting Headache”.

Zombie Sheriff Monsterpalooza

He IS The Law

Monsterpalooza 004

Back Away You Paparazzi!

Monsterpalooza 005

He Has A Starring Problem We Think.

Monsterpalooza was a bit hard to navigate this year since it has gotten so popular, the main annex of the hotel it is located in, only has a limited amount of space and that space was packed. The signings that you would normally see in the main annex building were moved into the meeting rooms and banquet halls of the hotel. The line for general autographs was ridicules! The organizers did what they could to accommodate and many seemed very pleased with this years event.

Next year will be even bigger and we plan on being there for all the guts and glory. If we saw you and said hello please comment and let us know. If you saw us and we didn’t see you, sorry about that.

Hope everyone who went had a great time.

What could Monsterpalooza pull out of the depths to bring us next year? Only time will tell.

PS. If you were that long black haired, goth that kept following me around the con while passing out postcards for your company. Please email me, did not get your info and need to chat about the project.

 (Photo Credit:Antonio Aceves)

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