Former ‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner In Talks To Write ‘Shining’ Prequel

Fresh off his stint as showrunner/executive​ producer on the last two seasons of The Walking Dead, Glen Mazzara is in talks with Warner Bros. Pictures to write a prequel to the horror classic The Shining.

Deadline first reported that Mazzara was negotiating with the studio for the gig, although a tweet from the Hollywood Reporter later stated that the talks were in such a “sensitive” area that the whole deal could fall through. We kind of hope it does, actually. Mazzara just parted ways with AMC after guiding the third and best season so far of The Walking Dead, so there are probably many other projects he can land.
Still, Warner Bros. wants this proposed film, tentatively titled The Overlook Hotel, to happen — but why? Hasn’t it sunk in with any studio execs that prequels just don’t work?
As we’ve seen with prequels to The Exorcist (from the same studio, released in two different and equally lousy versions) and The Thing, among others, there’s an inherent lack of suspense and air of pointlessness that surrounds these endeavors. Plus this idea that all mysteries from the past have to be explained — whether it’s how the Thing killed those Swedes or how the Alien was created — defuses the power of the original more often than not.
We know where the story is going in all these cases, and we know that it has to end up in a certain spot to line up with the original tale. Plus, in the case of The Shining, so much of the Overlook’s past history is spelled out in Stephen King’s original novel, and alluded to in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film. What possible story can be told that holds any surprises?
King himself has been cool on the idea of a Shining prequel since it was first rumored last year, telling, “Am I eager to see that happen? No I am not. And there’s some real question about what rights Warner Bros. does still have…I would be just as happy if it didn’t happen.”
King has his own sequel to The Shining, called Doctor Sleep, coming out later this year. Why not make a movie out of that? At least it takes the character of Danny Torrance in a different direction. Or why not adapt some of the countless excellent horror novels sitting on shelves or in development execs’ desks? Please, let’s stop the prequel madness here and keep the doors to the Overlook firmly shut.
So, what do you think?  Excited or just over it?

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