TV Recap: HANNIBAL – “Amuse-Bouche”

This show is getting better and better, and it’s only the second episode!  Let’s see what the good doctor and the rest of the cast is up to this week…


I’m sensing a pattern here with the titles of the episodes.  This week’s “Amuse-Bouche” translates from French as “That which amuses the mouth” i.e. an appetizer.  Just for your information friendos!

We begin with Will and Jack investigating Garrett Jacob Hobbs’ cabin.  On the second floor there are hundreds of antlers and Jack finds a coppery-curly red hair next to a box.  He reminds Will that there are still seven bodies to be found.  When Will says that he ate the bodies Jack insists that there must be, pardon my pun, leftovers.  Jack also says he believes Abigail, son of Hobbs, is a suspect because he must have had an accomplice.  Will insists that he worked alone.  Later Will shows forensic pics to his rapt classroom.  Afterwards Jack shows up to say the agency wants Will back full time but he must have a psychiatric review before that can happen.  The doctor who will administer the test?  Why Dr. Hannibal Lecter of course.  Especially since he was with Will when he shot Mr. Hobbs.  At the beginning of their session Hannibal lets Will know that he has already signed off on his paperwork but that he is still curious as to the workings of Will’s mind.

Our next scene takes us to Maryland where a group of tweens are exploring the woods.  They happen upon a garden of sorts.  One ignoramus insists it’s a marijuana farm…apparently not noticing the abundance of mushrooms in the area.  One of his peers wholeheartedly disagrees and as they draw closer they notice human hands sticking straight out of the ground with iv’s in their wrists.  Of course the FBI is called and as the bodies are unearthed they are covered almost head-to-toe in fungi.  It is determined that there are nine bodies that have been buried in shallow graves and kept alive until the fermentation process could get rid of any distinguishing features.  We are reintroduced to Freddie Lounds (who in the book and film RED DRAGON was male).  We first saw her fresh out of the shower and putting up crime scene photos from the Hobbs crime scene on her tabloid website.  She tells a gullible agent that she is the mother of one of the kids that found the shroom bodies.  She is also asking some pointed questions about Will Graham.  As Freddie lingers at the scene we see Will trying to play out the scenario in his head when one of the shroom people gasps for air.  Did anyone else relive the Sloth victim from SE7EN for a moment?  I sure the hell did.


“Magic mushrooms are made from people!”

Later as Will and Hannibal converse Will admits that it was harder for him to put himself into the mind of the new killer because he himself had just killed someone.  During this session there is a somewhat familiar face right outside the door, with a digital recorder.  As Will exits, Hannibal asks “Miss Kimball” into his lair, I mean office.  After she says she is testing out three psychiatrists to suit her needs Hannibal says, “Are you Freddie Lounds?”.  He then asks for her bag and finds her recorder.  He orders her to delete the conversation that he had with her, and more importantly the conversation between Will and himself.  Cut to Jack and Hannibal enjoying a lovely dinner.  When Jack asks what kind of meat they are enjoying Hannibal says pork.  Are they eating Freddie loins?  We shall see.


"Do you have any personal seasonings in your bag?"  "Uh no why"  "Just a question my dear...just a question."

“Do you have any personal seasonings in your bag?” “Uh no why?” “Just a question my dear…just a question.”


In the forensic lab the team discovers that the shroom bodies were covered with various hard woods, shredded newspaper and, to put it loosely, pig shit.  They also found that the victims were being fed dextrose intravenously.  Will, who happens to be in the lab, deduces that the perpetrator must work in a major capacity in the medical field and was feeding them sugars to induce their diabetic comas.  We then see a young blonde woman head to the pharmacy counter of a store to pick up her insulin.  The pharmacist says there was a problem with her prescription as he opens the fridge and switches the vial in her bag for one from the fridge.  He makes sure to ask if the address on file is her current address…suspicious no?  As the FBI moves into the store Jack says that this is the tenth customer to disappear from this particular store chain, the second from this branch alone.  The pharmacist under suspicion is a “floater” meaning he picks up shifts at multiple locations.  The rest of the pharmaceutical team informs the feds that the pharmacist Elden just flew the coop.  Jack and Will rush to the parking lot and find his car.  When they open the trunk they unearth a blonde woman covered in fertilizer.  She is still alive.

Now that they know who they are looking for the agents show Jack Freddie Lounds’ website and her latest muck-racking article about Will Graham.  They infiltrate her motel room and Jack delivers an ultimatum…stay away from Will or he will publicly link the copper hair he found at the Hobbs’ cabin to her.  She seems to get the message.  After things cool off Freddie descends the stairs and sees the FBI agent that was helping her to get inside information.  While they are negotiating a deal the wanted pharmacist shoots the agent in the head.  He looks at Freddie and says, “I read your article”.  The pharmacist knows about Abigail Hobbs and wants to help Will “connect” to her by burying her.  That sounds like perfect logic right?  Jack tips Will off while he is on his way to visit Abigail and when he rushes to her room she is gone…for tests says the nurse in charge.  He races through the labyrinthine halls just in time to see the pharmacist wheeling Abigail out of the hospital, and he shoots him in the shoulder.  The pharmacist drops his weapon and it appears that Will has saved the day yet again, at least when it comes to Abigail.  Next week’s promo shows that Abigail is still a suspect related to the Hobbs’ massacre and cookout and Abigail has a session with Hannibal as well!  Dun dun dun!!!

Phew!  That’s it for this week’s episode.  Let me know what you thought of this one friendos!  You can catch up or watch for the first time OnDemand and watch the new episode next Thursday on NBC.

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